Brooklyn news on sending the elderly packing

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    Johnny the Bethelite on this program talks about the Older Bethelites being targeted by Watchtower......I am a Bible Student

    Johnny the Bethelite is Rick Fearons creation. A sock puppet through which he claims direct insider knowledge......nicolaou

    What Do We Know About Johnny the Bethelite?:

    He works and lives at Watchtower Headquarters..

    He`s done the Six Screens Show for Years..

    He`s in his 20`s..

    He works in the IT department..

    His voice is very recognizable..

    He`s escaped detection by Watchtower Security the entire time..

    They Can`t Find Him!!..


    .....WE CAN`T FIND THE S.O.B!!..................................HEH-HEH-HEH!!..

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  • OnTheWayOut

    Johnny the Bethelite on this program talks about

    That's as far as I needed to read. I decided to comment on just that.
    Don't fall for any Rick Fearon crap, including Johnny.

  • steve2

    WT heavys take it upon themselves to get rid of their personal belongings including giving away their apartment rooms to others without the consent of the aged individuals.

    To be fair, the problem of ageing staffers necessitates decisions about their personal property and rooms. My understanding is, when they "sign up" to Bethel, it effectively becomes their Power of Attorney because it provides room and basics. Bethelites bring no "worldly" goods to Bethel beyond the basics. More often than not, as younger Witnesses, they have also "sold up" their properties.

    This is not unique to JW organization - in some form or another it occurs in religious "headquarters" of other religious groups where there is a large voluntary "work force".

    The aspect that was harnessed for this OP was an allegation that the elderly were being made to leave - a completely contentious allegation, lacking any evidence whatsoever.

  • kairos

    I will say this for an absolute fact:

    Long time bethelite James Shamus, is no longer there.
    He married a wealthy JW from my home town of Napa, Mary-Rose Selby.

    She moved to bethel around twelve years ago. James "Jim", is well known for his voice and even live acting of Moses on the early JW videos on DVD before JW Broadcasting.

    They fall into a very small minority of JWs that "serve"/live in luxury.

    When the time came to leave bethel for them recently, (last 6-8 months ) what did they care? Their rental properties and business ventures in Napa have been making them money. In fact the JWs renting their house would have to go, so they could move right in. I know this, as I helped the JW family move out, right before I was DF'd...

    I can show you the house near Foothill and Laurel on Google if you doubt my experience.

    I have to think most elderly JWs haven't taken proper ( any ) retirement steps while in bethel. Most are going to be in big trouble as they find themselves living in poverty, getting government handouts.

    Quite few from Napa have bethel ties, actually.
    Mario Moreno ( WT lawyer ) visits here quite frequently.

  • PaintedToeNail

    I agree with steve2. If the elderly are infirmary bound, it makes no sense to allow them to keep a personal room. It is the same as liquidating an elderly persons assets as a son/daughter might be required to do. Their personal belongings could be boxed and stored or a family member could make arrangements to claim the items for the person, in the unlikely event of them leaving the infirmary.

    I DO believe the borg has an obligation to the elderly ones at Bethel, they do need to keep them their after requiring they take a vow of poverty. To foist them upon the congregations or unsuspecting relatives is cruel.

  • Watchtower-Free
  • ShirleyW

    Amazing how most of us here hate what the Borg has done to them and their families, such as shunning, pedophilia and the blood issue, yet when it's pointed out that the elderly aren't being treated right in Bethel, a lot of folks here don't believe and offer up and excuse that they're sure that the Borg that made their life a living hell, are doing something right as in they are taking care of the elderly.

  • OnTheWayOut

    ShirleyW, I just don't trust wild rumors- in this case, anything from Rick Fearon or his fictional character Johnny. I don't want to feed WT's claim that apostates always lie.

    Otherwise, could we start a rumor that Watchtower is putting the elderly into induced comas and keeping them alive to collect their social security, and say the same thing you said to those that say "Nah!" ?

  • ShirleyW

    Or they even getting Social Security? I believe everyone is entitled, but are the elderly at Bethel receiving it since they signed a vow of poverty?

  • Dagney

    I listened for about 3 minutes to the link. Nothing JTB has ever said and continues to say is new. Everything he says has been widely discussed here and everywhere for years. It is not news in any way that Bethel would be giving "redundant" or unproductive ones the boot. It's been a sad fact for years now, and worse now of course. With modern tech advances, why would they keep staff they did not need?

    The very first time I heard JTB speak he didn't use correct/familiar JW terms, didn't know the stipend paid to Bethelites.

    He's prob some DF'd guy who found SixScreens online, and perceived he could instigate a ruse and gain some attention in his boring life.

    This does not make light of the sad fact of how the WT care so little for the older ones who spent their whole life in obedience to the corporation, and have to leave with nothing. It's disgraceful. Horrible.

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