Brooklyn news on sending the elderly packing

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  • slimboyfat
    I somehow doubt they would sack widows of dead GB members. The wives of living GB members wouldn't stand for it for a start.
  • Lostandfound
    Slimboyfat. Exactly
  • sir82

    Or they even getting Social Security? I believe everyone is entitled

    Everyone who has contributed to it for 10+ years is entitled to it.

    A lot of Bethelites have worked for less than the "40 quarters" it takes to earn even a couple hundred dollars of Social Security benefits, particularly if they signed their "vow of poverty" in their 20's and have been at Bethel (or in CO work) for their entire adult lives.

    The elderly (age 70+) Bethelites are well taken care of, for the most part. It's the poor schlubs in their 50's who are getting the shaft, dumped out into the world with no time to accumulate anything in the way of retirement benefits or meaningful Social Security payments.There are 100's if not 1000's of them now.

    A Bethelite who joined at age 18 or 19, and then gets dumped into the street at age 50 or so, is literally condemned to working every day for the rest of their lives, until they literally fall over and die, even if that doesn't happen until age 90.

    Can you imagine, being 50 years old, with no marketable skills of any kind, realizing that if you happen to live to age 90, you will have to work until age 90?

  • OnTheWayOut
    Or they even getting Social Security? I believe everyone is entitled, but are the elderly at Bethel receiving it since they signed a vow of poverty?

    Not the point. I could be referring to elderly ones not at Bethel. The point is that it is a wild rumor, and offers no verification. And I consider the source and dismiss it UNTIL someone credible offers more.

  • steve2

    Amazing how most of us here hate what the Borg has done to them and their families, such as shunning, pedophilia and the blood issue, yet when it's pointed out that the elderly aren't being treated right in Bethel, a lot of folks here don't believe and offer up and excuse that they're sure that the Borg that made their life a living hell, are doing something right as in they are taking care of the elderly.

    Shirley, I apologize if my responses lacked specific clarity. Of course I know that emotionally abusive incidents have happened at Bethel, but there is to date no evidence that medically-compromised Bethelites have been "sent packing" - which is quite different from being admitted to advanced care facilities for dementing illnesses.

    Also, I needed to have been more explicit about my own reactivity to the prompting source of this OP: The source has previously - and pretty consistently - taken a sensationalist and evidence-absent approach to its criticism of jw organization.

    Besides, even though I may be absolutely convinced that an organization is harsh and unfeeling does not mean I automatically accept every bit of unsupported commentary on it - especially when the source of the commentary is itself suspect.

  • Hadriel

    Hard to believe I get the skepticism. Some of the things this guy says and how quickly he responds to certain questions seem credible.

    Basing this on some studies I did years and years ago.

    Regardless this will all come out as credible or not as time will tell in a few weeks if the rumors become concrete as some of these ones actually leave.

  • slimboyfat
    I think it's my fault. I made the mistake of invoking the name "Johnny the bethelite" three times on another thread last week, and here up he pops.


    One More "Johnny the Bethelite" Clue..

    "Johnny the Bethelite" has a Cat..


    We Cant Find "Johnny The Bethelite`s"..

    .............F*CKIN CAT EITHER!!.............................................HEH-HEH-HEH!!..

    ...Image result for Watchtower Anthony morris........Image result for bag on head gif


    If you listen to the whole interview Barbara Anderson speaks to 'Johnny' for a long time.

    Not sure whether she believes in it or not - it would be interesting to find out...


  • Watchtower-Free

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