Brooklyn news on sending the elderly packing

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  • sowhatnow


    has the GB encouraged those ones leaving all their assets behind, to invest in stocks or an IRA or some means of income, while living at the jw slave resort? Have they encouraged the new arrivals to have a meeting with one of there lawyers about investing? is there some sort of retirement arrangement for these people?

    They know these people cannot seriously stay there till they die, and having so many people in their 'care' of course they must provide some means of health care.

    in this light, it is a corporation,[as we all know it to be] and as such ,should be paying taxes on the 'incomes' of those who work for them. even a non profit has a duty to compensate people.

    to do otherwise is foolish, neglectful, disrespectful, and outright ignorant .

    do not the GB THEMSELVES consist of men of that age??

    where do they get off thinking they are not going to be getting dementia? Im sure they have plans...

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    i really hate this kind of sensational talk. I was at Bethel and there is no way that I could ever believe that they would send ones like Marian Sydlik and Henschel's wife out in the street.

    They may be heartless but not that heartless. Stuff like this being promoted as the truth only makes it harder for those of us who know the ttatt to help get our families out. There is so much wrong with the religion that is provable that to spread stupid gossip about them kicking a 92 year old wife on the sidewalk who is deaf and blind and has dementia only makes us look crazy. I just wish it would stop.

    Seacher is so right when he said

    Definitely requires verifiable proof before any of us can repeat such atrocities to our still-in family etc.

    Otherwise, it will only serve to reinforce their opinions of "apostates on the web."


  • sir82
    "Johnny the Bethelite"? Please.
  • eyeuse2badub

    I doubt that they would send the oldest ones packing. Too much "bad press" would result if it were true. They know that they oldest ones will only "be on the books" for a few more years and, once gone to their heavenly reward, then they can then boast about how wonderfully those older ones were cared for in their waning years.

    In the future I believe they will not keep anyone beyond a certain age (50?) because they know that the 'big A' is not coming to bail them out of the financial burden of caring for older people. After all, the big 'A' has already been delayed for "generations" so to speak. lol

    just saying!


  • sir82

    Y'know, it's crap like this that sends fence-sitting JWs back to the "loving arms" of "mother".

    Recently heard a CA talk given by a GB "helper". He used to be in the Written Correspondence department.

    He went off the rails ranting about how apostates are so "deceitful". He described a letter he saw with a photocopy of a 1910 Watchtower article, which seemed to imply the organization was teaching something scurrilous. He went back to the original 1910 WT in the Bethel library, and saw that the letter writer had intentionally covered over a paragraph from the article, and what was shown in the photocopy was really not what the article was trying to say.

    His words were nearly drowned out by all the rattling you heard, from all the JWs vigorously shaking their heads in agreement. Those dirty, sneaky apostates!

    I'm pretty sure that out of all the thousands of reasonable, factual, accurate letters that "apostates" send to Bethel, there are a handful that are devious & sneaky & take things out of context.

    And it's that handful that get pulled out and spotlighted in a talk given to numerous thousands of JWs over a weekend. If that "helper" gives the same talk many times, 10's of thousands of JWs are given reinforcement in their beliefs that "apostates are evil lying liars who lie all the time".

    All because some nitwit, like Rick Fearon & his made-up "Johnny the Bethelite" stories, circulate crap like this.

  • BarelyThere

    I don't know if this carries any weight to it or not, but in the cong I was just DFd from, there was a "special pioneer" couple in their 60's. I live in a rural community with no need for special pioneers - there just isn't enough people to even preach to. I learned from working in service with them that they had been in Bethel for several decades and then just about 3 years ago, they were told they had a new assignment of being special pioneers. They could pick anywhere they wanted to live. They chose this particular community because that's where they still had family. They would even joke that they had been "sent out to pasture" because they were getting older.

    I always thought that while it probably was better for the organization financially, to support two special pioneers with an "allowance" rather than take care of everything for them at Bethel, it was still rather cruel. To go from such a strict way of living with certain amenities to then having to adjust to the "real world".

  • fulano

    Spot on Sir82. Same as all the fairy-tales about expensive suits, body-guards, expensive cars, retirement home n Warwick. That's the way to make yourself Ridiculous.

  • steve2

    Evidence please! Otherwise, it is sensible to dismiss anything from the cited source as sensationalist guesswork.

    There has been no evidence that medically vulnerable elderly Bethelites have been " sent packing". That said, there are privately funded services in the States that provide full time care for JWs who have been diagnosed with degenerative disorders, including dementing illnesses. To refer individuals to this level of (expensive) care is likely medically indicated and hardly an instance of 'being sent packing'! Non-medical organizations are simply not equipped to care for individuals who have advanced degenerative conditions.

    BTW, hearing something from another "anonymous" source person is NOT evidence - it is hearsay. Evidence would be some kind of corroboration of the allegations such as a wriiten directive from the organization or a named individual who has been in Bethel recently.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    We had a visiting speaker and his wife from Brooklyn Bethel not long ago. The wife either works in the infirmary or because of the nature of her work, she frequents it regularly; anyway she was relating some of the sad things she's had to deal with. There are indeed many wives of long dead governing body members, aged GB helpers and/or their wives who seem to keep 'ticking' and in need of personal care. It was admitted that these ones take up a lot of space and require a great deal of medical attention, otherwise a burden, sadly. Apparently, because most of these aged brothers and sisters spend soo much time in the infirmary, WT heavys take it upon themselves to get rid of their personal belongings including giving away their apartment rooms to others without the consent of the aged individuals.

    So WT may not only be guilty of abuse of children but also bordering on abuse of the elderly as well!

  • compound complex
    compound complex
    Marina Sydlik

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