Smoker or Non Smoker?

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    I would never label you as bad or subhuman because you smoke.

    Agreed. You're all right in my book Ashitaka.

    I understand the passion on both sides. For me it's more about my well being on a day to day basis. Once in a while I can handle it and I do it without complaints for my friends. But I also get a migraine and my allergies/sinuses go ballistic afterward. So I have to be careful how often I go into a smoking environment.

  • unbeliever

    I have a no-smoking sign on my front door. My brothers best friend decided to light up anyway. I kicked his ass out of my apartment and told him not to come back until he could learn to read.

    Smoking is a major turn off so I would not kiss a guy who smoked.


    Rayzorblade does NOT smoke.

  • ashitaka
    I am only concerned. ((((ashitaka)))
    Agreed. You're all right in my book Ashitaka

    Thanks, guys. Still, I do enjoy the occasional cigar, daily cigs, and bi monthly pipe smokes. When I'm sick of cigs, I'll get the Zyban....don't worry. Didn't direct it at you guys.

    I'm just tired of people giving me constant shit for smoking, as if I was hurting them by smoking outside twenty feet away from any building, not near any kids, or near any public place. People use anti-smoking opinions to have power over people. Example: A woman at my work complained because she said she could smell the smoke of a woman who was outside, four stories below her, with no windows that could open in building (no air vents near there either). LOL Just another sad consequence of a valuable campaign to stop smoking. (and I do believe that)

    For now, though, I'm going to enjoy myself a bit. Cigars and Guinness as my poison.. Better than whores and gambling.

    And yes, Reborn......MATRIX IN THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!


  • Soledad


  • Sunspot

    I quit smoking after three VERY difficult tries, two months before I was baptized in 1972. I enjoyed smoking a LOT, and I smoked a LOT! If it wasn't for the JW views about it, I'd probably STILL be puffing on my Salems or Kools!

    I suppose I can put that on a list of one thing that was something GOOD that came out of 30 years of WTS mentality!


  • COMF

    Smoked from age 15 to 22, when I became a JW. Smoke-free for 12 years as a JW. Left JWs, started up again, smoked for another 10 years. Quit again 5 years ago. Never will start again.

    I would not date someone who smokes. The stench is too much for me: in hair, in clothes, on skin... yuck.

  • Jesika

    I am a smoker.

    I stopped when I was pregnant, but when my son was in the hospital at 2 days old undergoing major surgery and had a 50/50 chance of living, I picked the habit up again.

    I don't smoke alot, but when I drink I smoke more.

    I will stop one of these days, but for now I smoke.

  • Ravyn

    <<< Ashitaka-Cigars and Guinness as my poison.. Better than whores and gambling. >>>

    hey! what's wrong with whores? or gambling?

    I like the smell of a quality great great aunt Tillie used to have my father buy her one every year on the anniversary of her husband's death(and my father the elder would do this for her) and she would light it and burn it in an ash tray like incense. My grandfather smoked a pipe. I have very fond memories of the scent of good tobacco. And the only thing I ever smoked in my life was a cigar! I was at a BrewFest and there was a cigar booth and the foreigner who was selling them gave me one to try---he thought I was cute. So I did. I didn't mind it---but it made my breath stink horribly for days. And at the time I was a regular pioneer and my partner and I puffed on it out in the parking lot! I felt no guilt whatsoever---kinda the same way I felt the first time I had sex when I was still technically 'in' too...(hmmmmmm....)

    I always liked the smell of clove cigs in the 80's. But I heard they were wicked on the lungs.

    My father in law started smoking cigars after quitting cigarettes for 20 + yrs about 3 years ago and just found out he has a spot of emphysema on his lungs because of it. I don't think the tobacco is the worst thing, I think all the crap they put in the smokes nowadays is what kills people. Just like after thousands of years of wine drinking all of a sudden NOW it is bad for pregnant women to do? yeah right.

    I don't smoke, my husband does not smoke. We both have allergies, asthma and I get migraines. But I have dreamed I smoked. And I would not be totally against trying 'alternatives' to tobacco....wink wink.

    Guinness is the only thing TO DRINK!

    (I like a black and tan made with Bass Ale....mmmmmm mmmmmm)


  • StinkyPantz

    I don't smoke, but I don't mind it either.

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