Smoker or Non Smoker?

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  • be wise
    be wise

    nasty habit

    but I love it. i'm sad I know.

    Gonna give up though ...honest don't believe me do you, I'll show you! (I need a cigarette)

  • Sentinel

    I don't smoke and never have. My father introduced me to my first cigarette when I was about thirteen. He made me take a couple of puffs, and after I became nauseated, I decided then and there that cigarettes were not for me. I can only believe he meant well; however, my other sister enjoyed her cigarette, and began smoking. Dad quit smoking at age 45, cold turkey. He smoked non-filter Camel cigarettes. Boy, did we ever have to walk a mile(s) for those things for him. Go figure My first husband smoked, and so does my present mate. My first husband smoked wherever he wanted, when he wanted, without concern for me. I never made a big deal about it. He was the head of the house, after all and I was borg.

    After I left him and moved away, not having to be around cigarettes was great. I got my wardrobe all cleaned out of the odor, which seems to seep into every corner and crevace, and one just get's used to it. Once I was away from it, I really noticed being around it again. I made a decision not to date anyone who smoked.

    When I first met my second husband, I asked him if he smoked, and he said no that he didn't smoke, never wanted to, and he would never have gone out with me if I was a smoker. But, later on, for some stupid reason, he decided he'd give it a try on a whim. (A form of rebellion due to how bad things were going in his life at the time.) That angered me a great deal and I let him know it. He had a lot going for him, but at that stage of his life, he decides he's going to smoke. Duh?? So, anyway, he said he could stop any time he wanted, but he liked to smoke and so he was going to do it until HE decided not to anymore. By the way, he couldn't understand why I would be so upset.

    Now, some 18 years down the road, he has long since wanted to stop, but finds that he is addicted to cigarettes. The good thing is that he doesn't smoke inside the house, or inside my car. He is sensitive to how offensive it is to others. The only thing that annoys me is that whenever we go out to eat, where smoking is allowed, his request is for the smoking area. So, I sit before and after our meal, with cigarette smoke all around me.

    Hopefully, he will also concur this addiction, and quit. His choice. His life. I just received word that I lost another friend to lung cancer. We grew up just a mile apart. Very sad. She didn't smoke either, but he husband still does. Addiction is an enemy and not easy to get control of. It is an enemy that kills.

  • berylblue

    I hate smoking but I do it It was (ostensibly) the reason I was DF.


  • MrMoe

    I quit!!! *is so proud*

  • mackey

    Smoked a pack a day til' a about a month ago.

    God I miss It.Sweeeeeeet nicotine.

    Mackey, Of the mouthful of yellow Chicklets class.


    I said "fluff"....not "puff"...

    zero-tolerant, ex-smokers.

    Definitely a non-smoker now...I quit twenty years ago!!!!


  • ashitaka

    I smoke. Get used to it.

    Oh yeah, I forgot! I'm worthless because I smoke! Woohoo! Score one for the anti-smoking lobby! All smokers are sub-human!

  • SheilaM

    Ashikita: Nah I just can't breathe around it (asthma) and I get a migraine YEE HA So, I don't get to go dancing much. But in Keyw West were it was out door bars I could tolerate it.

    I hate the smell in my clothes and hair and I could never kiss anyone that smoked in fact never dated anyone that smoked

  • Reborn2002


    I would never label you as bad or subhuman because you smoke. That is insane. You are a really cool guy and I have always loved your posts and your ability to make analogies with logic simple enough even a fundamentalist Dub can understand. Smoking is just a passionate subject for me because I have seen people firsthand get sick and die because of being addicted to a drug that a corporation mass-markets and distibutes to the public for a multibillion dollar profit.

    I would hate to see you lose your health because of such a habit.

    I am only concerned. ((((ashitaka)))

    Wishing you well.

    PS - Matrix Reloaded in only 3 days!

  • rocketman

    No, and I would not marry a smoker.

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