Smoker or Non Smoker?

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  • Vivamus


  • greven


    BUT I do like to have one of those slim cigars with a good class of whiskey by a roaring fire in the winter. other than that, I do not smoke. Could I live with some-one who smokes? Possibly, but I don't like it so...I dunno really...


  • onacruse

    I started smoking when I was about 28, shortly after the 1975 debacle and when I lost confidence in WTS interpretations, including pharmakeia. Got DFd for apostasy, with "use of tobacco" as the side issue! Quit for about 10 years, started again for awhile, got put on private reproof (damn, I was such a troublesome brother ). Quit again for 6 years, been back on for the last 4 (1/2 pack a day). Almost never smoke in the house, and never in the face of other people who dislike it.


  • shera

    Way to go Moe,feels good to quit doesn't it?

    I used to smoke many yrs ago ,and now I have no idea how I smoked.Gaaacck! I get sick to my stomache if I smell it and breathe too much of it in .

  • lisavegas420

    Nope, never smoked ciggies.

    other stuff however.


  • Anne

    definely non-smoker.

    One thing I wondered about is why is it that someone can be D/F for smoking (because it is harmful to the body, yada yada) but not for obesity. I think that's going to be the next big thing, all the fat elders, M.S., C.O.'s etc will be demoted for not promoting a healthy lifestyle. Next thing you know all the chubby publishers will be told they have 6 months to get to a healthy body weight or else. I wonder if it would work?

  • obiwan

    eeewww! Yuck, nope not me, can't stand the stuff.

  • Kenneson

    No, I don't smoke. But I have friends who do and I don't shun them. But it is difficult sometimes--cough, cough.

  • arrowstar

    Not a smoker. Never have been...never will be.

    I tried dating a smoker. He would go outside to smoke and I swear the minute he stepped back inside that smell would hit me like a cannon. Never again. He would come home from "drinkin' with the boys" and that smell was everywhere. *shudder*

    I can't do that again.


  • blondie

    I am violently allergic to cigarette, cigar, pipe smoke. A legacy of growing up with 2 parents who smoked 3 packs a day. I can even react to smoke on the clothing of a heavy smoker. Unfortunately, I can't control it. My smoking friends refrain around me or step outside.

    But then I am allergic to perfume, cologne, and scent in products. My scented friends stand down wind of me then or forgo perfume on the days we are together.

    I am allergic to feathered pillows but I don't have any problem with my feathered friends as long as I don't put my face in their feathers.


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