both sexes! what is your favorite scent-cologne/aftershave/perfume?

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  • Ravyn

    I have always loved perfumes and oils and I have quite a collection that I use as the mood strikes...but I am getting low on many of them and it is time to think about making that Birthday gift list sooooooo..

    what do you wear and what do you like and why?

    my all-time innocent favorite is Muguet des Bois(lily of the valley)--reminds me of my youth and a cousin who gave it to me as a gift who is passed now...

    but I also love the scent of lilac, usually in an oil.

    My favorite perfumes are: Obsession, Rare Rubies(Avon), Coty Wild Musk, Revlon's Fire and Ice, White Shoulders, Sand and Sable, CK's Truth, (and also Mesmerize, Odyssey, Foxfire, Jasmine, Raining Violets, Honeysuckle, Lemon Velvet, Hawaiian White Ginger--all old classic Avon you can only find at flea markets or once a year in the book.)

    But I need something new....I like the oriental/spicy blends, but not for all the time. I wear the lighter single notes more often--spring flowers and citrus, sweet and pure and crisp. My husband bought me White Diamonds a couple of years ago, and while I like it---I would not have bought it myself--it is a little too overwhelmingly heavy floral, but it is nice at the end of the day when most of it has mellowed and I do occasionally mix it with other scents.

    For some reason I can't wear freesia or violets anymore(or Avon's old Sweet honesty--remember that one?)--they were favorites of mine years they make me nauseous. My mother bought me a beautiful bottle of Lauren for graduation, now I can't get near it without feeling ill.

    Lee, my husband, wears Cool Water and Drakkar Noir. he needs a change too---so guys! what do you wear?

    Ravyn-- of the I-want-to-smell-delicious class

  • Trauma_Hound

    Personally I wear Drakkar Noir, and haven't had any complaints.

  • nightwarrior


    I like Gucci Rush, Gio, lily of the valley body lotion, (this is Mrs by the wayhehehehe) lavender, anything that smells delicious, oh and Wish....

    Burberry on Mr NW smells gorgeous....

    Mrs NW

  • Shakita

    I love Curve....not too heavy....not too light....

    Mrs. Shakita

  • Uzzah


    If you like Drakkar Noir, get him to try Paul Sebastian's "Casual" It is a little more subtle but I get a lot of compliments on it.

    Other options - Mackie for Men, Givency "Pi" (note it is pronounced Gee Vawn she, not Give in she)

  • Adam

    Don't wear cologne too often any more now that I'm no longer single. But when I do I wear Jean Paul Gutier, have for years. Probably should switch though, it sounds way too French. Vanilla candles smell good to me. Always kept them in my room to make it smell good for the drunken party girls.


    For the most part, I don't like to wear cologne.

    Joop smells OK, reminds me of curred spiced tobacco.

    If I do, I use this oil from The Body Shop called: Satsuma.

    It smells a bit orange-citrus like.

    The one cologne that has me hanging my head out of the 72 storey window of First Canadian Place: Polo.

    Sorry, I know...some of you like it, but it gags me.

    Then there are some perfumes that smell very rank. Some are nice, but I don't know their names.

    Subtle works best than a bath in the stuff. I find lots of young jocks who come into the tavern are in a weather system unto themselves wearing a bucket of cologne.

  • LyinEyes

    I also love Gucci "Rush",,,,, and Chanel N 5,,,,and I like the vanilla sugar body spray and lotion at Bath and Body Works.

  • shamus

    I personally do not believe in purchasing expensive perfumes, because it draws undue attention away from the work of the WTBS. Anyone who uses that stuff, whether they go to all 5 meetings a week, pioneer, or not, are going to die at armageddon in my opinion, and are certainly bad assosiation....


    Shamus: I need reviving...send the ambulance over...right away...I'm dyin' from laughter over here.

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