both sexes! what is your favorite scent-cologne/aftershave/perfume?

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  • Princess

    I have loathed perfume and cologne since I was first pregnant with my son, seven years ago. Fortunately, so does Steve.


    What else?


  • Francois

    UM, Razor ol buddy, I reckon that your cologne smells orangey/citrusy on account of SATSUMA is the name of an orange grown in Japan.

    Me? When I wear any, it's Coty Musk Oil in the little brown one ounce bottle.


  • manon

    CHANEL #5

  • SheilaM

    I have two oils I love Vampyre and Amber. My perfume is White Shoulders/Chloe/Or Miracle

  • Soledad

    ooooohh this is going to be one of those 10 page threads I know it!

    I like happy by clinique, at least right now. my taste in fragrances change very often, and I shop very frequently at bath and body works.

  • avishai

    I, also am a drakkar fan, have been since it drove the little hotties nuts at the assemblies. Also, halston z14, & Zino davidoff which may be out of production.

    Poison drives me crazy, so does elizabeth claiborne, & beautiful.

  • greven

    Call me cheap but I like Phoenix from Axe....


  • Sirona

    I like Estee Lauder "Pleasures" and "Anais anais" by Chacarel Paris.....and a lovely one is "Monsoon" by Monsoon the designer.

    Oils - it all depends on my mood. My fav scents are usually floraly - I love Rose.


  • Jim_TX

    Good topic,

    For me - I wear Pi (actually, it's the Greek symbol), by Givenchy. I chose this cologne after another survey like this - done a couple of years ago. I have had favorable comments from ladies about it, so it blends with my body oils very well.

    My first choice - and old favorite, no longer in production was made by Jovan... cannot remember its' name right now.

    For women - Estee by Estee Lauder is an old time favorite - since High School days, many years ago.

    Other favorite womens' favorites include Red Door, Jessika McClintock, Musk... and others.

    Basically, I need to smell the perfume ON a woman - after it has settled down a bit before I can decide if it is a nice one - for that person - or not.

    I like scents that are not too... sweet, or dry. Light and fragrant... like roses, is nice.

    I like going out on 'Perfune Safari's' - where I go in with a galpal and try on various scents in the perfume section at department stores. Lottsa fun. <grin>


    Jim TX

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