Give A Sample Of What a Watchtower Magazine Will Say 10 Years From Now

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  • minimus

    any thoughts???

  • Mystery

    Armagedon is Just Around The Corner!

  • Charmed

    I'm sure there will be many articles on how the end is getting near!

  • shamus


    Why should we still believe us even though we lied throughout the years....

    What to say when a child asks.... Why do you believe in sexual abuse, daddy?

    What to do if your elders bore you.....

    Shunning people who don't look right - scriptures to back it up.

  • LyinEyes

    They will be saying the same old crap they say with every issue,,,,,,,,,although I havent read one in months,,,,in the last 15 years or so, basically they all sound the same. Keep on the watch, keep up the work, do more, do more, do more. Are not we the most blessed people on the face of the earth?? gag, puke,,,,,,sorry, I got carried away.

    Oh yeah,,,,,,,,,,,,and every Nov. or Dec, ( end of the year last final money begging scam) will be an article on just how to leave all of your inheritiance and worldly goods, property to the WTBS. What a great idea,,,,,,, hummm, why would I leave my money for my kids, or some other kind soul who really needs help,,,,,,,,when I can give it ALL to the WT?????

  • RunningMan

    "We are always right, and have always been right."

    "Statistics will no longer be published, because God has told us that it is no longer necessry."

    "Back in the the year 2013, the battle of Armageddon was fought "in the sense that" God's name people were vindicated by publishing a special issue of the Watchtower. This hard hitting article destroyed the wicked world of its day by calling attention to the hypocrisy of Christendom. Some persons had presumptuously assumed that Armageddon would be a literal war. The faithful slave never said such a thing."

    "We are now living in Christ's 1000 year reign, where Jesus is turning all (meaning: some) of the world (meaning: us) into a paradise (spiritually). Immediately after the invisible war of Armageddon, we were ushered from the period of Jesus' invisible presence into the period of his invisible reign."

  • minimus

    Running Man, That's scary. You hit a bulls-eye.

  • hippikon

    Armageddon arrived just as predicted invisibly. Only those with eyes of faith can discern the thrilling events that have unfolded – Our job now is to preach the good news to those not aware of the significance of world events and the fulfillment of bible prophecy. Very soon now God will destroy the wicked and bring about the earthly paradise for those who heed the message of salvation.

    (Insert cheesy picture here)

  • undercover

    1-15-13 WT "Are We Alert and Waiting For Jehovah's Day"

    We are living in the last days. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled in our very life time. Are we alert and awaiting for Jehovah's final judgement against Christendom and the Wild Beast? Many of our faithful brothers are staying the course and are helping to spread the good news of the kingdom. But, sad to say, many have let the pressures and concerns of this old world distract them from our life saving work. Many who have let worldly matters pull them from God's Organization(note that from 2009 on the word organization is capitalized). They were distracted when the generation that saw 1914 passed completely away from the earth without Armageddon happening. Why are they blaming Jehovahs and his Faithful and Discreet Slave? From the pages of this very magazine, it has been pointed out that we are living in the last days of this generation. Many brothers took this to mean that generation meant in the lifetime of those living then. But in 1995, the slave class explained exactly how the word generation was to be used. Should we let our personal interpretation of a word keep us from doing this all important life saving work? Be assured that Jehovah's day will come when he means for it to come. Remember that it will not come when we want it to come. What can we do to help those burdened by this old world do to come back to the Organization? Studying the Bible with them using our newest publication, "God's Organization on Earth; How it Benefits You" released at the "God's Faithful and Discreet Slave Class Instructs You Directly From God" District Convention.*see footnote

    *footnote. Be sure to use the guidelines as set out by the Society on how to study the Bible with someone. Make sure one of the new Levite Elders is present when starting a new study so that a newly intersted one or inactive one gets the full import of the lesson.

  • Swan

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