Give A Sample Of What a Watchtower Magazine Will Say 10 Years From Now

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  • integ

    "Following Divine Direction in This Time Of The End." wt 3/5/2014

    Jehovah's servants today are faced with a daunting task, the lifesaving work of spreading the good news of God's Kingdom. We have been instructed in the past that the only way to salvation is through Jehovah God's organization, and those whom He trusts, 'The Faithful and Discreet Slave Class"-Matt 23:45. Some unfortunately, have sinfully disregarded this divine admonition and sought to "think for themselves", thus putting their spiritual welfare in jeopardy. Haters of God's Word have sought to point out "errors" of the Faithful Slave, making up lies about what The Slave has written under Divine Guidance. These "Evil Apostates" try to place blame on the "Slave Class" for the rash speculation on the part of certain members of The "Great Crowd", who earnestly await the "Day of Jehovah", but in their eagerness for this day to come have lent a listening ear to the false "teaching's of men". And have "leaned on their own understanding" when reading God's inspired publications. True, at times We have had to make adjustment's in our understanding of certain Bible Truth's, but the "adjustment's in thinking" have been of such a minor and inconsequential nature, that evil criticism of these "adjustments" could have only been precipitated by the evil "agents of Satan" of which we have a "wrestling" with on a daily basis. Sadly, there have also been reports of 'moral sickness" on the part of some leading the flock in this critical time of the end. There have been reports of homosexuality in the parking lots of District Conventions amongst our dear Elders, also reports of Circuit Overseers caught masturbating in the restrooms of our sacred assembly halls, there was even the disturbing report of a District Overseer walking backstage at a District Convention with a strap on dildo attatched to his waist, swinging the dildo in such a manner as to distract some from listening to the glorious truths being presented by that speaker in a divinely inspired talk delivered later that afternoon. Let us not, dear Brothers, be distracted by these minor "imperfections" in our Organization. And keep "holding fast to what is fine" in this time of the end. And continue to avoid "speculation" on when God's glorious day of Wrath" will arrive.

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    INTEG, now THAT'S one way gto get remembered!!!

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    LMAO, integ!

    Very well thought out.....

  • StinkyPantz

    July 1, 2013 : Why organ, limb transplants and cloning are okay, but taking blood still isn't.

  • unique1

    Is the way you dress making god proud? followed up by an insightful article on how not to dress like the world and to NEVER wear baggy pants.

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    My co-workers are looking at me funny because I am laughing so hard at Greven's pics.


  • minimus

    "Stand Still And See The Salvation Of Yahweh"......."Will You Survive The End Of The 21st Century?"......."Brother Russell, The Faithful Slave....."1975----The Year The Separating Work Took Place"......."Watchtower Subscriptions Are Now Available For $35 Per Year"........."Will You Attend This Year's Memorial? Last Year We Had 1 Billion"......."9 More Nethinim Added To the Governing Body"......" Young people Ask: Why Do I Not Enjoy The 7 Meetings?"........"Make Friends With A Disfellowshipped One!"......"Raymond Franz----A Man of Conscience"

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    In 10 years the Watchtower will say that Armageddon came but it was all invisible like in 1914 when Jesus became King.

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    Should say "Millions Now Dying Will Never Live" (New light . . . who can blame the FDS for transposing a couple of words???

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