Overlapping Generation

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  • baldeagle
  • baldeagle
  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    either way it still makes no logical sense

    I never said (nor did I wish to imply) that it made any sense. It is arguably the most absurd explanation of a biblical text ever proposed, but if we're going to shoot it down, we ought to at least be accurate about what we are shooting down

    The WTS came up with a theological spin that has no relevance to intellectual honesty or either scriptural support from the bible.

    Absolutely agree - you've only got to go to the start of Matthew's gospel to see that (Matt 1:17).

  • smiddy3

    I have just sent Terry`s 7 Bible quotations as to how long a generation can be to an old JW friend who has no problem still talking to me

    It will be interesting to see if she comments on it or not ..

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    If you were born after an event occurred, then you didn't witness that event and cannot call yourself a member of the generation that saw the event.

    Knowing people that saw it isn't the same.

  • Vidiot
    slimboyfat - "...Maybe the idea is not even meant to be understood, it’s a paradoxical kōan-type test of JW ability for mental gymnastics while attempting to remain sane."

    That's it, it's a litmus test!

    It's like how doofy Stephen Lett looks when he's on JWTV...

    ...only the most hard-core brainwashed loyalists could drink that guy's Kool-Aid and honestly want more.

  • baldeagle
  • Finkelstein

    Or in other words we make shit up so that we can retain are supporting positions within the organization (GB), which includes financial support.

    Listen, obey and do not question the higher authority, which is us because we have been specifically chosen by god over his earthly belongings.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Has the overlapping generation been replaced by the 120 year life limit of Noah's generation....as in the days of Noah?

  • waton
    120 year life limit of Noah's generation....as in the days of Noah?

    Vh: The max human lifespan still is 120 years. Fr. Franz, cited by D. Splane was almost ~100, with ~ 80+ years in the "truth". D. Splane mentioned, that older anointed than that late wt leader could exist, to make up the 2 overlapping groups. so, do the math, let that sink in.

    2 hundred year old old timers, --, total 200 years, overlapping by 20 years each, like Franz, would be 160 years of consecutive life. then added to 1914 gives a 2075. Armageddon date.

    There were a few 120 year olds around, not wt anointed of course, but , having them seen as overlapping groups, would bring wt to 3014.

    2075, 3014, nice wt failure centennial, bicentennial coming up. soon.

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