Overlapping Generation

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  • pandorasbox1914
    Hi notsurewheretogo,

    I understand the point you are making and perhaps I should have clarified myself.

    What I meant was, he did not use a scripture that clearly states or explains Overlapping Generations. What he actually used was an obscure explanation of a scripture from the old testament to explain a point made by Jesus in the new testament. 1 Cor 14:33 says "For God is not a God of disorder but of peace--as in all the congregations of the Lord's people".

    Now if that scripture is correct and the explanation from Splane is correct, then why is there so much confusion among JW's?

    Why then would God create so much confusion if we are truly deep into the time of the end?

    Surely the light would become brighter, not dimmer.

    Why then would God create so much confusion at this time if he truly does not desire people to be destroyed?

    It should be as clear as day, but it is not, and that is because Jesus did not mean Overlapping Generations, otherwise he would have said so.

    If he was going to use the scripture that Splane used, would he have not done so?

    The reality is Jesus used no chart, no scripture (New or Old Testament), no vague or obscure meaning, there is no record that I am aware of, that the Disciples felt that they had to explain what Jesus said in a different way many years later. What Jesus said, is what he meant, and the reality is, that is what the Org believed until very recently.

    So why the change?

    They panicked, the Anointed that witnessed 1914 are gone, or nearly gone if any are still alive, everything they believed and preached was nailed to the cross of 1914 so to speak. If they allowed this corner stone to be removed, then the whole house of cards will collapse and nothing can stop it! Therefore, they had to shore up this doctrine, for without it they have nothing!

    Of course there is another aspect to this, if they are wrong about this what else are they wrong about?

    In 30 years of being in the truth, I cannot remember a single occasion when they have ever admitted to error or even apologised for anything!

    They are like the Pope, infallible, and there you have the crux of the matter, it is all about image and control!
  • notsurewheretogo


    I agree with you in everything and know where you are coming from but your point is irrelevant to a still in dub as they see a scripture used to "prove" the overlapping nonsense. End of. You can't reason with people who believe that 8 men are in God's hands as no matter what they say it is always right even without proof.

    Cult speak.

  • Terry

    In the 19th century, after the Civil War, so many members of the same Protestant religious denominations had killed so many of their own Brethren, there was a deep scar in the American psyche. A longing for God to put an end to human strife overswept the religiously naive.

    A crackpot solution appeared and caught fire among certain denominations: Predicting the Return of Christ by organizing "signs" and using scriptures to approximate (with exaggerated claims of accuracy) time periods, seasons, epochs and DISPENSATIONS.

    Ever heard the old expression, "Figures don't lie but liars figure"?

    Enter our hero: Charles Taze Russell!


    Russell took the buffet luncheon style approach to religious belief; a little from here, a little from there, and he put it all in a blender and combined it with pyramidology and SYSTEMIZED the presentation.

    Pastor Russell simplified Aquinas' approach with TOPICAL chapters in his STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES.
    A logical presentation of bullshit, pyramid inches, dispensations, signs, dates and such dazzled the hell out of naive folks and impressed upon their minds TIME IS SHORT!

    SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY is logical, precise, detailed, formal and rigorous, but the Jehovah's Witness version is sloppy, whimsical, ambivalent, pretentious, and absolutely certain of itself--even when it backflips over itself!

    Take a look for yourself.


    Bible's definition of a Generation

    70 (10 X 7) generations being listed in Genesis, chapter 10, as springing from Noah and his sons.

    40 years: (Numbers 32:11-13) Jehovah's anger blazed against Israel and he made them wander in the wilderness for 40 years, until all the generation that was doing evil in the eyes of Jehovah came to its end.

    38 years: Deut 2:14 - And the days that we walked from Ka'desh-bar'ne·a until we crossed the torrent valley of Ze'red were thirty-eight years, until all the generation of the men of war had come to their end.

    35 years: (Job 42:16, 17) "And Job continued living after this a hundred and forty years and came to see his sons and his grandsons—four generations.

    37 years: Jerusalem was destroyed about 37 years later when Jesus said "this generation will by no means pass away"

    (Mt 1:17) "All the generations, then, from Abraham until David were fourteen generations, and from David until the deportation to Babylon fourteen generations, and from the deportation to Babylon until the Christ fourteen generations". Reading the list in Matthew, none of them are described as overlapping:

    65 years - Abraham to David : 2018BCE -> 1107BCE / 14 generations = 65 years

    35 years - David to deportation : 1107BCE -> 607BCE / 14 generations = 35 years


    JW Chronology is a false premise because it assumes a false idea to be a true idea. Namely, JW's channel correct information, dates, conclusions, and interpreations based on the Scriptures and that the Scriptures are harmonious.

  • Finkelstein

    Russell was a personification and definition of a true religious charlatan, better than anyone in his time period .

    His sales acumen could be seen and observed all throughout his publications upon creating the Watchtower Publishing house.

    That man could probably sell rain coats in the Sarah desert in the middle of summer .

  • Finkelstein

    I like your comments Terry in relating why the American social psyche was looking for help from above as it were when the American population had gone through so much personal strife and turmoil in around the late 1800's, it's a valid point that we reflectively forget about.

    I would even presume that Russell might have even exploited that social turmoil as a platform vehicle to sell his products, such as Christ returning making everything better, he was a tricky snake oil salesman after all as we all know.

  • prologos
    The compelling snake story, oil or not, was : "you will not die" promise!. That was easy to make believe, in the beginning, with 960+ old geezers around. In 1919 it was " millions now living will never die" getting harder, but (not overlapping yet). If you read the words of "Jesus" he said actually, the generation would pass away, after 1) Jerusalem (2nd the world) had passed away. So there is no promise of an endless generation in Math 24. ( may be that is the reason for the wt flip to an anointed generation, for they will pass away, earlier then prophesied even].
  • MMP1980

    Better preach hard, because very few kids born into the truth are left. Time to recruit younger families with small kids. Gotta get them baptized before they realize what they are doing.

  • prologos

    they have ever admitted to error or even apologised for anything!, all they said about the 1975 end of the generation,  beginning of the millennium speculation was : "--we regret having published that--" of course in hindsight the regretted that!

    Come to think about it, the anointed generation was supposed to have ended before 1975,- 41 years ago, and a whole new generation has come and been superseded since then. 

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