Got my JC cancelled... (at least for now)

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  • steve2

    Facebook's a bitch - but you knew that before, didn't you? Best wear your seat belt cause it's going to be a bumpy evening. I like your clear responses to their attempts to blind-side you into a judicial committee. Man you've got balls.

    If you do meet with two elders to be "admonished", consider meeting on your home turf or somewhere neutral. You're psychologically disadvantaged by meeting on their turf. Best!

  • stuckinarut2

    Why meet?


  • StephaneLaliberte

    Before you go at that meeting, remove the link from facebook.

    At the meeting...

    • Say you hadn't realized that you had shared that with everyone, that you thought that you had shared it only with your wife, as part of a conversation you had with her and you did not intend to make that share "public".
    • Say you hadn't even noticed you lost all these friends on facebook because of it.
    • Say that the call you got from them was a horrible shock as it was the first time you ever heard from anyone on that particular link.
    • As for the letter(email) from your never received it. If you had, you would have removed that link from your facebook!

    If you do not show any remorse or regret over posting this thing, you will have a JC.

  • Heaven

    Sanchy said: ...I get a long text letter from my mom (who was a FB friend of mine) telling me the typical "good luck finding friends in the world" and how we have "nothing in common anymore"

    You could point out to her that you do still have the 23 chromosomes from her.

  • Tallon

    Sanchy; Whatever decision you make, I sincerely hope it all works out well for you and your family.

    I echo stuckinarut2's post above ^^^^^ ... 'The only power they have over you, is that which you allow'.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Sanchy, two elders are an investigating team sent to catch you admitting something before two witnesses. You know that. The only thing to do is take your medicine and say you made a mistake putting that on your Facebook. You had heard of the book and were angry about (insert real issue here, say, the Royal Commission on child abuse). It made you frustrated and you didn't realize you would be promoting the book when you overreacted. (maintain a stupid look on your face) Assure you took it down (do so if you haven't) and won't make that mistake again. Their, (the elders) call shook you out of it and you realize you should wait on Jehovah. Reinforce for them that you will continue to wait on Jehovah and then blow them off and continue the fade. Take a piece of paper and crayons and draw ugly caricatures of them when they leave.... lol

  • Daniel1555

    Be prepared to answer the loyalty question "Do you believe the governing body is the from god appointed faithful and discreet slave." They will ask that question in hidden, sinister and different ways.

    I was in a similar situation. If you stand your ground and stick to your principles before them, they will finally disfellowship you.

    For me it was a liberation and the best thing that could have happened. My family got used to it and my parents and grandparents of my boy have the same loving relationship as before. Of course I lost all JW friends.... but are they really trie friends if they drop you like a piece of shxt? I made new and better friends, which is not so easy but rewarding.

    If you get disfellowshipped and your parents lose the contact to you and their grandchild it is entirely their fault.

    Anyway I wish it goes as you like it to be.

    Good luck.

  • kairos

    please record the meeting.

    Sorry to hear you are going through this.
    I would have DA'd if I had to do this over again.
    Cut them off from this point onward if you can.

    If you can manage completely ignoring them and walking away, I can't recommend it higher. This is your life and they are ruining it.

  • EndofMysteries

    (In my experience). Mention how you feel like a hypocrite in preaching to others to look into their religion. If you were a born in, then you never had done any investigation. There is a phamphlet (Forgot but maybe somebody can link it) that was geared towards those of other religions and said if a person was born into it, even if it was the true religion, it wasn't sincere on their part if they never investigated to make sure. (This phamplet from the org is the big green light to do outside investigation, even though they didn't intend it for insiders, the elders can't say that they are preaching hypocrisy, etc.)

    Also if they asked about the faithful slave, tell them you believe in the bible and what it says. Also (it will be easy since it's sincerely confusing for everybody) tell them you are confused about what it is too. You can really answer many of their questions with questions if you know your stuff and they'll get confused and put it aside, especially when many of the flip flops. Asking to show in the scriptures how the current overlapping generations is explained through the bible, and what in the scriptures lead it to be those 15 and over in 1914. To those born in 1914......then to nobody should try to answer it because Jesus says nobody knows the day or hour, then back to overlapping generations. To show and explain what in the scriptures supports those changes in belief.

    In the end, it will become they'll assign one to try to answer your questions. May last a month or so and something comes up or too busy. Then gets to be a yearly phone call.

  • OnTheWayOut

    When you said "F*ck it!" and posted CoC link, you knew there would be trouble.

    I see a game going on here. Play with fire and you get burned.

    It's too late to lie and say "It wasn't me." Just kiss their asses and say "I was intrigued by discovering that book. Now I know it's wrong. I pulled the link. (Do so right now if not already done.) Should I give you a rim job while kissing your asses?" Then know that you pulled the wool over their eyes enough to continue your fade.

    Get a fake name for a facebook account for your non-JW life or don't have a facebook non-JW life.

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