Convicted Child Rapist Proselytizing. Is the Community Aware? Is the Community Safe?

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  • OrphanCrow
    Hadriel: Seems like most of these situations are with those whose offense happened in the 80's or before the mid 90's. At least it appears that way.
    They may have been lost in the shuffle

    I have been following this on reddit

    This man was in prison when he was converted by JWs. They knew he was a child rapist. When he was released, he became a good, active JW - so good in fact, that the elders allowed him to do activities with kids (except the elder's kids)

    He wasn't lost in the shuffle - he was groomed by the elders themselves while he was still inside his jail cell and then, after he was released, the elders 'kept an eye on him'

    According to reddit...I think I have the gist of that part

  • OrphanCrow

    ...and some more background

    He sexually assaulted 2 sisters and possibly a 3rd, in the past several years since he was released. The elders did nothing and the sisters eventually moved to different congregations

  • eva luna
    eva luna

    I hear/read on this board about these pervs coming back to the Hall and know that they may get their 'privileges' back.

    But to see this in a video is shocking and nauseating.

    The different reactions in the car group is revealing. One defends, one hides his face.

    As a parent and grandmother, seeing this perv dressed like a preacher going in this group is scary.

    I cant believe that JW's think this is safe. Most everyone knows that child molesters are incurable . They [JW'S] should be held accountable.

    As OrphanCrow has but up he has already repeated his crime.

    Disgusting !

    And, why go to a prison and recut a convicted child molester....more insanity.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Amazing, it's just totally sick that they allow this.

  • greenhornet

    Find out what Hall he goes to and show up with signs and the media. Basicly just run him out of town!

  • berrygerry
    I noticed the guy next to him putting his head in his hands ... and then they scuttle off with their tails between their legs.
    Was there an Elder in the group? Why didn't he speak up? Maybe the criminal sex offender was the Elder?!?!??

    From a Redditor: "The guy in the fetal position with his hands over his head is an elder. The only one I would hold out hope for waking up. The driver is vaguely familiar, must have joined after I left. I can't make out the front passenger or the person in the back. This kind of video has interest for the public at large because it is appalling that a child rapist is freely walking a neighborhood, knocking on doors and taking notes about homeowners. The average witness would wave away the dissonance by saying it's a testament to Jehovah's mercy to use a humbled, repented changed sinner. The more important part of THIS story to JWs is that this man is not reformed and the elders know it. He sexually assaulted 2 sisters in his congregation in the last several years. These 2 I know first hand, there's a 3rd that's likely also true. The elders did nothing to him and the sisters eventually moved to other congregations. They ere told not to speak of it and not to call the police. The org hides more than just child sexual assault."

    How did the guy shooting the camera know this guy was a rapist?

    The videographer: "Someone that was in his hall gave me a heads up a couple years ago, since he lives near me and I'm in his congregation's territory. I memorized his face and name just to be able to do something like this. I never dreamed it would actually happen."

  • Saename

    Why was the other guy covering his ears...? I wanna know... I wanna know...!

    Edit: Just read berrygerry's post. Guilty conscience maybe...?

  • rebel8

    That was not the reaction of an innocent man, I'll say that much!

    If you were surprised by some stranger on the street, filming you and calling you a convicted rapist, your first reaction would be, "No I'm not. What are you talking about?!" It wouldn't be jumping in the car and leaving.


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  • Crazyguy

    The elder with his ears covered is what they all do with everything in life. The whole world and everything in it is showing plainly that they are a joke.

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