Convicted Child Rapist Proselytizing. Is the Community Aware? Is the Community Safe?

by freemindfade 101 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • steve2

    Legally, I do not think there is a case against him, especially if he is required to be accompanied by another adult when he goes door-to-door and/or makes return visits. From the video, other JWs were with him. I would be more inclined to pursue this with the media if he had been observed going door-to-door alone.

    There is a fine line between informing the public and taking a vigilante approach.

  • Virgochik

    Does anyone know what ever became of this matter? My husband and I recently moved and it occurred to me that we're living in this congregation's area. It's entirely conceivable "brother" Ivery could knock on our door. We live near Garden of the Gods Road in Colorado Springs, and Buckingham Rd is just off of GOG Rd.

    My husband's reaction might be even worse than mine! 😠

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