Do You Condemn Anti-Semitism?

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  • slimboyfat

    Are there examples of Labour members being anti-Semitic? I always hear the accusation in the news, but never any examples. It’s weird. What are they actually talking about?

    I have no problems with Labour factionalism. It helps the cause of independence as Labour look set for wipeout in Scotland. Corbyn did a u-turn on supporting an independence referendum too.

  • waton

    As someone that had the jewish people in our house wear the yellow star, dealt with them when living with them here, where they were left to live, frankly, I do not understand anti semites. It was always , with one exception a deep pleasure to deal with them.

    State of Israel's policies? Benign, if one considers what would be dished out to them , again, if they did not put up a credible deterrent.

    Stupid germans (and other antisemites) killing and driving out the best that ever happened to them, the Einsteins and Goldbergs, and inviting in those with not german names that are the real danger.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    While I disagree with their religion, I am opened to people from all races and culture!

  • Tobyjones262

    The Democraps are eating their own asshole. They have pandered to the radical Muslims which are most of them and now they fucked with the bull and are getting the horns while telling us nothing to see here. LOL fuck em.

  • minimus

    The Democrats in the House say they support no discrimination, Jews included.

  • Diogenesister
    One can only wonder why the State of Israel gets a "pass" on the World stage for its brutalities.

    Cofty Are you seriously telling me that you deny this?

  • silentbuddha

    Exactly what do you mean by condemning anti-semitism?

    Are we talking government sanctioned policies to hurt jews as a group or do you mean just the average person who just doesnt like jews and basically says I dont like jews.

    If it is the former how do you go about condemning it? If the latter do you verbally condemn individuals that you find out dont like jews

  • minimus

    Especially in government, leaders and elected officials should not speak against Jews. As they should not speak against blacks, Hindus or Australians.

  • Simon

    Jews tend to do well because as a group they have higher IQs than pretty much all others.

    At the thick-as-pig-shit end of the spectrum, they see this as "ooh, must be a conspiracy !!!" because, well, the pig-shit between their ears.

    The democrats / the looney-labor-left love intersectionality and often it's the intersection of low IQ groups. The "can't or won't work" people or at least cannot compete in an increasingly IQ demanding world of information and communication.

    At the same time, the left has weaponized victim culture and voila: groups of people who claim they are disadvantaged because they are victims of a jewish conspiracy.

    Reality is: they are dumb and dumber and elect idiots to lead them who feed them more pig-shit instead of educating them - happy to use the grievance culture to further their own ends (like AOC, snout in the swampy trough to enrich herself straight away)

    There is massively more evidence of systemic racism and anti-semitism by the left than all the "white supremacist" racism they claim exists on the right, in the police etc...

    That the democrats not just allow the racist bitches in their ranks to exist, let alone lead the party, is a massive failure and I hope they will be punished for it.

    But they will import as many low IQ immigrants as they can to make sure they won't be.

  • WTWizard

    I also condemn the idiocy that only the most extremely philo-Semite position is acceptable, and anything else is going to result in heavy fines, censorship, jail time, or the death penalty. That gives someone the perfect blind to do whatever they want to enslave the world or make things impossible for others and be untouchable.

    We live in a world where our potential is not being met. Diseases are not being cured--"We're so close to a cure" for the past 50 years? We are not advancing in the energy field, where so many suppressed technologies exist (and people are quick to attack that viewpoint). You work 70 hours a week to barely make ends meet, and still live pay-toilet paper to pay-toilet paper. Do you want us to have a perfect blind for someone to continue making this situation worse until we are in full communism? Then go ahead, and condemn these viewpoints--if someone doing this happens to be one of "god's chosen", they will get away with it.

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