Do You Condemn Anti-Semitism?

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  • Simon

    For the record: Israel is the only functioning democracy in the middle-east and gives rights to all. The way they are condemned by groups such as the UN really says more about how devoid of meaning those bodies really are than whether Israel really commits any crimes.

    Israel shows incredible restraint, the kind of restraint that would not be shown to them if situations were reversed.

  • jp1692

    To criticize a government is NOT tha same as “condemning” a race or ethnic group. To conflate the two is a logical fallacy, one which is committed by an alarming number of people with disturbing regularity. It is these errors in thinking which perpetuate inter-generational hatred, violence and conflict.

  • Simon

    Most criticism of Israel (the country / government) is driven by them being Jewish way more than anything they actually do.

    UN condemnation of Israel are obviously racially motivated (by Islamic countries).

    So yes, normally, a country / government is not a race. But Israel is different.

    And sorry, but the left frequently uses accusation of racism to silence critics of political regimes so it works both ways.

    Anti-semitism from the floor of the house needs to be confronted, certainly not excused.

    What does it say about those who elected her? Racists voting for racists. But suddenly the media doesn't really care about racism.

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    It's no secret Islam doesn't play well with religious freedom or multiculturalism. And much of it's ideology is outright intolerant if not fully bigoted. It's not uncommon for hatred of poly-theists, Jews, gays, and non-believers to be worn on the sleeves of Muslims.

    Some Muslims can (in-spite of their religion) become egalitarian leaders. Some can not. I hope Congresswoman Omar can find her way towards a more humane and respectful attitude toward those who do not ascribe to her religion.

  • cofty
    Cofty Are you seriously telling me that you deny this? - Diog

    It's getting really tedious the way posters project views onto others that they have never expressed.

    The far left have a serious issue with anti-semitism — contempt for Jews. We are NOT talking about legitimate criticism of Israel's foreign policy.

  • Phizzy

    " The far left have a serious issue with anti-semitism " Who exactly inhabits this "far left" ? Don't forget you don't have to go very far to the Right to encounter it, and Islamophobia too !

    I am glad that you seem Cofty, to have a grasp of what anti-semitism really is, as you say, it is a contempt for Jews, and sometimes even hatred.

    So many people conflate a total abhorrance for what the Israeli Government have done, with anti-semitism, which it is not. ( Although of course, anti-semites will loudly criticise Israel). We are in real danger of losing our freedom to call the Isreali Government to account if we allow Dame Hodge and others to get away with such nonsense.

    As SBF says above, actual examples of anti-semitism from full Labour members are hard to find, and if they occur I would expect the party to react swiftly, your repeating of the Mural incident about Corbyn is not helpful, you cannot know if he did actually study it before giving approval. Not that I am here to defend the guy particularly, but he has been consistent throughout his political life as an anti racist, on many issues being one of very few politicians to speak out.

    The anti-semitism smears against the Labour Party seem motivated more by a desire to keep it out of Government, than any search for truth.

    Of course racism of any kind is to be stamped upon wherever we find it, for the its absolute ignorant stupidity and the harmful murderous things that happen because of it.

  • Tobyjones262

    I do but the Democraps don't

  • slimboyfat

    Can anyone show any examples of Labour anti-semitism?

  • jhine

    Ok am l being a bit thick , answers on the back of a postcard..... , my understanding is that it is people within the Labour party who are making the accusations of anti-semitism . So no plot to keep Labour out if power then , some of these people have been , until now , life long supporters of the Labour Party .

    l agree that criticising a Government isn't the same as criticising a whole race . We legitimately criticise a government when it's policies negatively affect it's people . We constantly criticise our own governments without criticising ourselves ! Big difference there .


  • slimboyfat

    The people making the accusations seems to be Blairites and others on the right of Labour who don’t wish to see Jeremy Corbyn become prime minister.

    But aside from motives and intrigues, I am actually interested to know what are they are talking about when they say some in Labour are anti-Semitic. Isn’t it customary to show some examples or evidence? I haven’t seen any. Where is it?

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