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  • SloppyMcFloppy

    Because yeah if i had a piece of bread and it fell into mud i would just cut away the muddy part and eat the rest hahaha.

  • Finkelstein

    Ohh a dramatic physical analogy of how one can be a contemplative sinner and have their sins morally rectified and washed away so that god wont whack you come Armageddon.

    The WTS are sure making good use of JW broadcasting aren't they ?

    Next month it will be hand puppets in biblical characters with Jehovah god killing somebody

  • Quandary
    Words fail me!!!!! How can anyone who has two neurons in his brain listen and watch this nonsense and still believe God is directing the GB??!! This is probably the most ridiculous, shallow, and utterly stupid illustration I have ever heard! Wow- this guy is on the teaching committee??? Talk about scraping the barrel!
  • prologos
    Thank you for giving the reluctant non-viewers a preview. At least in the "Jesus" story, bread is used mostly in a positive way, life sustaining, a gift from the creator. Even the dogs were nourished from the crumbs that fell under the table. A crummy and crude comparison this, - obviously.
  • WingCommander


    1. Judas (an Apostle) betrayed Jesus, but it was prophesied that someone had to do it, so why wasn't he forgiven?

    2. Peter (an Apostle) actually DENIED Jesus (3) whole times in one night (as Jesus Himself prophesied) and yet Peter WAS forgiven?

    How in the world can the Governing Body claim that sinning against the Holy Spirit be worthy of death? Also, who are THEY to decide such personal matters between a man and his Creator?

  • Finkelstein

    1. Judas (an Apostle) betrayed Jesus, but it was prophesied that someone had to do it, so why wasn't he forgiven?

    Because it was mythological bullshit, there was a lot of it back then and in that time of human history.

    The WTS men have always been kings and rulers of their own religion, a Kingdom of self governance and without regulation from a higher body . They took the power of god and put it into their hands for their own self serving means., which entails the operation of their own publishing house.

    They claim that god gave them this power over mankind because they were the only ones who were preaching/ teaching a true, honest and pure form of bible interpretation ( 1919 )

    Although once one does some research what the WTS was really preaching and teaching back then it makes it obvious that the WTS men made this self supportive proclamation wholly on their own.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Why not slices of bread, rather than spoil those half loaves? Additionally, he states that the bread is pure, but doesn't adding "leaven" to bread dough make it rise? So, wouldn't the bread he uses be symbolically tainted?



  • coalize
    When i see that, i understand now perfecly why the level of vocabulary is now so oow in WT literrature...
  • bohm
    Wow. Like a really bizarre childrens show.
  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Ha! Pete Zahut, I thought the same thing -- I was shocked too at how casually he just threw that loaf of bread away. They talk about how we need to make sacrifices, how Jehovah is so efficient and hates waste.... they go on and on about the widow's mite and what a fine example she was (yet the point of Jesus' observation was something totally different! It was actually meant to highlight the greed of the Pharisee's and their unreasonable expectations and harsh demands!! Read the account and see for yourself!!!) -- they show how children should sacrifice their own ice cream money -- then, poof -- out goes some perfectly good bread that he deliberately mucked up for some totally lame demonstration....!!!!!

    And the other loaves probably got thrown out too afterward, after he grimed it all up in his hands... Who would want to eat it after that?

    Such casual wastefulness. But I guess people who also have no qualms about throwing *people* away have no qualms about other important assets and valuables either. "Give us this day our daily bread.... so we can use it in a stupid demo and then throw it out...."

    Be interesting how this appears to other people in developing countries. Good on ya, WT. Keep up the stupidity and cluelessness, it really is working. People are leaving, elders are stepping down, your flock is restless.... Is that what you wanted?

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