FEB 2016 broadcast

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  • Grey Goose
    Grey Goose

    It might be the craziest one yet.

  • Dissonant15
    I'll wait for the cliffnotes version. I cannot sit through an hour of that torture.
  • suavojr
    According to this broadcasting Jehovah discards people like a piece of garbage. Such a loving god
  • Grey Goose
    Grey Goose

    That song at the end, what a manipulating piece of shit. It portrays the way the WT want every male to be in the organisation, a wimp with ZERO backbone incapable of having anything resembling fun. Subtly hinting if you dare to have a laugh at the meeting, you will not find a good girl...or any girl at all for that matter.

    It also portrays what the Org wants a JW woman to be. Someone who will say yes to any old wimpish shmuck. Also, the women's place is to take out garbage and be stood behind a Trolly smiling.

    And why oh why would a guy get so nervous to help a struggling women with the garbage, any decent bloke would help any women regardless of weather he wants to F**k her brains out or not, because, let's admit it, that's the only reason why these 2 JWs want to get hitched.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Looks like Ken Flodin was given the job of dishing out lots of FOG (fear, obligation, and guilt). Don't grieve the holy spirit of the powerless Bronze Age god!
  • Listener

    Regarding sin, he tries to explain it using 3 loaves of bread, being 3 people and the affects on them in regards to different types of sin. Sinning against the HS, gross sin and grieving the HS. It is so silly.

    He is able to explain what gross sin and grieving the HS means to JWs but can't really explain what sinning against the HS (which means the unforgivable sin).

    He uses two biblical examples equating them to the unforgivable sin. One was when the pharisees said to Jesus that he didn't cure a man through God but through Satan, the other was Judas. He said that it wasn't for us to work out what was sinning against the HS but for God to judge. But it had to do with our heart condition.

    They have defined what is sinning against the HS in the past but flip flop on their interpretation.

    The fact is, they have no idea what sinning against the HS is because even though they judge a persons heart in many instances (repentance), there is not one thing a person can do that would disqualify him from potentially returning to the organization.

    If it's not up to them to decide what is sinning against the HS then why are they making a judgement against Judas and the Pharisees? Just because they are dead does not give them the right to do this. They forget that they believe these were real people. If they can judge these people then why can't they do the same today?

    By not understanding what it means and yet judging people from the past, shows their intention is to use the idea to impose fear into people.

  • Grey Goose
    Grey Goose

    My original thought (which is usually the most accurate) regarding this, is that they were using bread as a visual aid as a type of subconscious reminder to not eat of the bread this year if you do not want to grieve, or even sin, against the holy spirit...Bit suspect they use a bread illustration the month before the memorial...

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Weird. They use the example that Jesus never complained about injustices at the temple, but he was cooperative and worked with the system... except for the whole "stone will not be left upon a stone" thing where the Jewish system was destroyed and lots of people were killed/enslaved when he used the Romans to do the "complaining" for him. So Jesus wasn't a "complainer" when me made a whip and drove the money-changers out of the temple twice? Really dumb.

    The sappy video at the end just makes me mad again because I grew up when WT "encouraged" the "blessings of singleness" because "the end is so near"... 30 years ago. And the couple in the video actually kinda reminds me of a friend I knew in bethel who got married a little before I left. They were there a few more years before they got kicked out in one of the rounds of layoffs. They settled not far away, but not in a very good situation. He killed himself a couple of years ago. Ugh, now I need some brain bleach.

  • wannaexit
    What a convoluted piece of trash. Why oh why did I waste 20 min of my time listening to this baffoon?????
  • berrygerry
    It might be the craziest one yet.

    This is getting more surreal each month. (If I had not seen this doofus as a Video Star before, I would have definitely thought this to be a gag)

    I'll wait for the cliffnotes version. I cannot sit through an hour of that torture.


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