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  • Listener

    The three loaves represented 3 people, he turns them around and they're actually half a loaf. The 2nd loaf, which committed a serious sin was likened to dipping it in mud. For it to become clean, he cut off the bad bit and threw it into the bin, leaving a quarter of half a loaf. I guess that means that loaf has three chances left.

    The third loaf was 'grieving the HS' and he represented this by adding more garlic powder over it and could be removed by dusting it off or 'readjusted thinking'. This garlic powder had been added to all three loaves and represented imperfection, if the additional powder could be dusted off from the third loaf, couldn't the original dusting of imperfection on all three loaves also be removed by the same method?

    The thing is that the whole discussion was about three groups of sin. As imperfect humans, every one of us are going to commit, time and time again, the third type of sins, that is grievance against the HS.

    By getting JWs used to accepting such stupid made up examples that make little sense, it makes it easier for them to interpret biblical parables into nonsense where the average JW just accepts what they say without thinking, such as the FDS.

  • TheFadingAlbatros
    I am of French culture and I am now asking myself how such a way of explaining things can be swallowed by people of other cultures !!! Are the WT leaders becoming completely gaga ?
  • Listener
    Interesting point TheFadingAlbatros. Even the use of garlic powder makes no sense as it is often used in one way or another on bread here in Australia and other countries.
  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    I can already envision what March's broadcast will be about...another GB Helper using Play-Doh to teach the rank and file more deep things about God's Word.lol :)
  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman


    Yes, now I have seen everything.

    What bat sh*t loon thought THAT up? lol

    Possibly, because it's a WT cooking show, he left off his gold ring(s) and wristwatch. Somebody could have told him he could have left them on. It's not like he was making squisy raw meat balls. lol

    His 2 waiters, His Teaching Helpers, just think, if they were all Mormons they would all be wearing the extra special protective underwear, dreaming of the time they get their own planet.

    This is all too Watchtarded weird.

  • freddo
    They're not really waiters (cuz they've all been "let go") they're members of the teaching department impressed into service. (Oh the mock humility.)
  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    I didn't realise this chap was a teaching committee helper. Based on their output, his help is quite insufficient. Maybe he was involved in drafting that ghastly Watchtower study on Sunday 31st Jan about 100 years of kingdom rule. So bad I just had to give it a miss and visited cinema (Star Wars) instead. So Bro Flodin, your output is of a nature which deters me from attending meetings. Not quite what you intended I'm sure, but that's life old boy!

    I learned on this forum that Bro Flodin is coming to the Britain Branch at end of April. 3hr programme available from 1300 hrs on Sat 30th April! Will give that a miss too. Enduring such appalling output is TOO MUCH TO ASK!

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy


    And BREAD?

    (Peter Kay reference)

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast
    Isn't that the same goon that looked so embarrassed doing the "generation" video a couple of months back? I'm still trying to stop laughing at that one.
  • Bonsai

    Wow. Just...wow. What a 60 minute mind @#$k. A highway to holiness? Really? How about a highway to hell (a mental hell). In my 30+ years as a JW I never saw any verifiable, undeniable, unmistakable outworking of "holy spirit". All I saw was arrogance, dysfunction and mentally disturbed individuals in positions of leadership. What holy spirit is there to grieve? Is that the same holy spirit that let pedophiles be appointed as elders and ministerial servants?

    What's funny is that most down-to-earth witnesses don't even listen to these broadcasts. Even they can smell BS without rubbing their faces in it.

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