Assembly Dramas:They were so bad.... but.... you waited for them to break away from the monotony!

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    Do you remember the tickets you would have to purchase to eat lunch? And that they served submarine sandwiches,danishes and shasta soda? And,how you were left with tickets because you didn't have enough to purchase the cheapest item on the menu?

  • Listener
    R & R where brothers and sisters dress up in ancient cloths,fake beards,fake rocks and fake soldier uniforms and wave their hands incessantly to pretend that they are acting out a drama

    Here in Australia the exaggerated American accents stood out even more and made for a colorful change to the boring, repetitive speeches.

    The one time our Congregation was chosen for the Drama it was made clear that the actors who were chosen were amongst those who were spiritually strong and as a special privilege. They obviously weren't aware that at least one of the Brothers selected was sleeping around with one of the Sisters.
  • OnTheWayOut

    I do remember the food program. We called the sandwiches "hoagies." I liked the cheese danishes in the morning. I was not a fan of Shasta soda. After Sunday's lunchtime, they let us (elders, pioneers, volunteers) have leftovers from the soda, danishes, even the hoagies.

  • baker
    baker This is not the way to end an assembly! The internet is the first place all young ones will go to..(hoping)

  • jws

    Thinking back, I remember them being bad. But compared to the monotony of the talks, the dramas were like Citizen Kane or a Kubrick film. I'll take drama and movies over some lecture any day.

    Hey, back in Shakespeare's day, all of the parts were played by men. I'm sure the costuming had to have been horrible, but still. Any story was better than the lectures from the stage.

    Yes, I remember the tickets. Not the only place that used them. I hated it. Whether it's the state fair or JW conventions, you almost always come home with extra tickets. And I suspect this is part of their plan. So you're always "donating" some money.

    I remember working in the food service at the assembly hall, exchanging tickets for food. I seem to remember on Sundays, sometimes people got to take home extras. Yes, I remember Shasta, hoagies, pudding, and if I'm not mistaken, we might have had an ice cream machine. I know we had a full kitchen in service for a while. But then that got discontinued and it went to pre-prepared items for a while. Then to nothing and we had to go out for food.

    I think that's about the time I was turning old enough to drink and lunches started to become liquid lunches. Helped us sleep through the afternoon sessions.

  • RubaDub

    you do remember the four day assemblies... sitting outdoors being fried in the sweltering heat,getting heat stroke in the middle of july in an outdoor baseball stadium.sitting outdoors from 9:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    The brothers today have it easy.

    Think of 7 or 8 day assemblies that I can remember (or were they nightmares?) when I was a little kid at Yankee Stadium in New York back in the 1960's. From like 1:30PM to 9PM. Then 10's of thousands of people trying to crowd into the subways. (For us, it was a 45 minute subway ride, when you finally got into one, and then another hour drive home). We got home around midnight or later and started the whole process over the next day.

    You just prayed that Bro. Franz was not the last speaker of the evening since he had very little concept of time and could easily go another half hour to 9:30PM or later.

    Just my two cents.

    Rub a Dub

  • ShirleyW

    Rub - We must be the same age, I remember going to Yankee Stadium for the Assembly many, many, many times as a kid, since I'm in NYC and being a kid the only thing I was interested in was the food, the cafeteria style lunch where you had to stand up to eat after you tray was filled, the snow cones, the bags of fruit, etc.

    But getting back to dramas , the first one I remember was in the mid sixties and being just a kid since it was something new they held my attention as well as the rest of the crowd since it was new. After reading the posts here I see that the "glow has worn off" on the dramas now, same ol' same ol' not impressing anyone anymore.

    What's sad yet interesting is, if I counted all the times I've been to Yankee Stadium I would be up there with the other kids who were taken there to see their favorite sports team, but I've never seem a sports game there, just the drivel of the old guys in Brooklyn

  • baker

    Rub a Dub, sorry you have been diagnosed with SAS disease, as you disclosed in your profile. I think I might have a few of the symptoms also, so my next Dr visit, I will ask the Dr to run a few tests.

  • zeb

    dear friends, I guess all of the above to a grater or lesser degree.

    Dramas: Just in a seconds time snatching my handicapped offspring back from being shunted down the stairs as a bunch of pioneer sisters emerged from back of the stadium to see the.... drama! I gave the main offender my most evil look but she was so far up a cloud (well it was a convention) that she didn't notice.

    and then.... some boring old brother drone would then tell you about the drama that we had just seen....?

  • sir82

    I liked the cheese danishes in the morning.

    To this day I would obscenely overpay for a breakfast of a cheese danish, a bagel with squeeze-out-of-the-tube cream cheese, and a semi-frozen slushy orange juice.

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