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  • tiki
    Well....I got as far as eve popping the flower behind her ear.....corny, lame....pathetic....and a total lack of anything meaningful....sick stuff to be brainwashing innocent kids with....they'll blindly accept it because its all they know or are subjected to....dystopia.
  • Darkknight757
    Hopefully some of the smarter parents will preview this video before showing it to their kids. Teaching them to hate others at such an early ago is beyond disgusting.
  • ttdtt

    I guess when guys in ancient israel had Harems (i.e. David - Soloman..) the few hundred wives and concubines never ever had sex with each other? They just took a turn every few years or so with their king.

    And I'm sure the godly man David was never banging 2, 3, 4 or more of his wives and sex slaves (concubines) at the same time.

    And I'm sure that never happened in the majority of polygamous marriages, especially since they all lived in big homes with separate rooms the other wives could go to when it wasn't their turn.

    And didnt one of the old story books talk about the Male Temple prostitutes? I don't think they were there for the pleasure of women:)

  • stuckinarut2

    Good point ttdtt!

    so many of the "examples" in the bible DID NOT live a "moral" life! They would be disfellowshipped nowadays.

    And yet, they are held us as models to imitate.....

  • bohm

    I have long been trying to form an opinion on The Gay marrying. After seeing this totally-for-humans-with-a-brain video I finally realize gay marriage is like bringing a can of soda into the airport.

    The Gays are literally trying to bring a too large bottle of shampoo into paradise. I for one appreciate Jehovah magnificent body scanner and strong hands and fingers that will grope and prod me to ensure I do not blow up the new system with any Gay.

    Thank you, Jehovah, and the seven fuckwits. I hope future videos will explain to me how I brush my teeth.

  • punkofnice

    For what it's worth, I sent the link, via email to Stonewall and the Gay Times. Let's see if anything comes back.

    Anyone else reported this anywhere?

    Is it worth it?

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours


    It is a JW belief and, in this case, it's put in simple terms for a child to understand.

    At the beginning of the video the mother mentioned that people have different ideas on what's right and wrong, then proceeded to explain very tactfully the JW belief.

    JWs don't hate on others, but definitely the homosexual lifestyle is not at this time part of the culture; and the same way perhaps gun nuts or a radical right wingers or a racists indoctrinate their offspring, JWs do the very same on their ways.

    Actually, for JW children, this needs to be emphasized more and more these days where the homosexual lifestyle has become the norm in so many places, so much so that the Law of the land is ruling in favor.

    I feel so sorry for people whom I'm sure are born this way, but it's a JW belief and they must teach it to their young.

    It is what it is.


  • Darkknight757
    I get what your saying DY but now instead of JW kids showing their classmates that Santa also spells Satan, they will show their classmates that it's wrong to have 2 moms or 2 dads. As if those poor kids don't have it bad enough...
  • StephaneLaliberte

    Raised as a JW, I was homophobic myself. Until I became friends with one in High School. I realized that he was just like everyone else, except that he liked boys; and to my surprise, I wasn't his type! Then one of my cousin came out of the closet. I had no issues with that either. Then she got married and adopted kids. Whoa… I felt it was wrong; just plain wrong! That is, until my wife pointed out that she was able to adopt kids simply because heterosexual parents could not, or would not, give the love these kids deserved. The years have since passed and I can tell you that these kids are just like any other kids. The only significant suffering they would encounter would not be from their loving mothers, it would be from kids at school telling them that their mothers are evil individuals deserving of God’s wrath as they are, according to the Apostle Paul, an abomination.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I know, and trust that these JW kids will only speak up when questioned and not make it a campaign. Tough and sad all at the same time.

    Things like this is what's making me understand why more and more JW parents decide to do homeschooling rather than mix up with the non-believers.

    There is now JW oriented homeschooling online and it's very well structured, at least here in the States. I checked it out, and was so glad to know that it meets the USA standards for public school education; actually know a couple of kids that are now taking college courses towards a 2-year degree. In this model, the kids do not waste so much time as regular kids in public/private school do when the different holidays roll around, so it's possible to graduate much earlier than a regular high school; also, there's a lot of time wasting with vague subjects that are not needed to meet the Law requirements in public high school, plus, this homeschooling method I checked emphasizes the S.T.E.M. model. parents team up and create an actual classroom while obtaining the info online; sports, laboratory, music, etc., are covered up in association with some local school or library. It's fantastic!!!

    I can honestly say that if all our kids would've had this neat tool while growing up, sure we would've used it rather than put them through the grief of not being accepted and being so different from all the non-JW school kids; much grief was endured, and so many absences to avoid the holiday celebrations at school because the JW way is such a different way of life.

    It is what it is.


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