If This Place Was A Congregation, Who Would Be The Elders, MS and CO's?

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  • Francois

    XJW_B12, whateverdoyoumean "Wouldn't you just love to go to the Saturday morning field service group, with Frank conducting, never mind going door to door with him ?"

    I'm not entirely certain, but I believe I heard a discouraging word. 'Splain youseff. Surely you be talkin' 'bout my excellent ('n' dry) sense of 'umor?


  • xjw_b12
    Surely you be talkin' 'bout my excellent ('n' dry) sense of 'umor?

    Yup, that be it. And after that post when the jws came a knockin at yer door, I'd sur wuda wanted ta be ther, to ave seen dat one !

  • minimus

    Francois would be like DeNiro in Goodfellas when he grabbed the guy that owed him money, started choking him and said, "You better give me my f--ing money. you better give me my f--inf money." If he's in charge, I'm gonna listen!

  • Yerusalyim


    Thanks for the "welcome back" ChoagieBoy is an Army term used for someone stupid but strong who gets stuck doing what no one else wants to do. It's kind of derogatory, but usually used humorusly as in "Sure, I'll be your ChoagieBoy."

  • Valis

    Well, I'm still in charge of beer, but when I am not seeing to my duties I would like to be Satan the Devil or at least a minor demon, perhaps simply his advocate, but as long as I am known to be responsible for all the bad association, bad influence, and despoiling of usefull habits, I'll be happy as hell.


    District Overbeer of the "Demonicaly Influential" class

  • minimus

    Valis, I wasn't talking about spirits or the Devil, you silly . I think I would make you the "Entertainment Servant", or better yet, I know, "THE DISTRICT OVERBEER".

  • ikhandi

    What about the me? must the sisters excuse me women get overlooked each time? I guess I will remain an ex pioneer afterall that is all I could ever be in that org

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    oooo ooooo ooo <<<waving arm in air>>> oooo ooooo oooooo

    I wanna be an elder

    I wanna be an elder

    First thing is change those songs - shorten up those prayers and let people talk instead of reading those d*amn magazines Might even cancel a few meetings here and there

  • minimus

    Put your hand down. You don't qualify to be an elder.

  • SYN

    Everyone here except SwordOfJah would be in the parking lot

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