If This Place Was A Congregation, Who Would Be The Elders, MS and CO's?

by minimus 59 Replies latest jw friends

  • Aztec

    I wanna be the rabble rousing elder's daughter..oh wait, that's what I was. :p ~Aztec

  • rocketman

    Minimus for WT study conductor - he likes to ask questions. JH could sub when Mini is on vacation.

  • minimus

    I'd prefer attendant. That way I could legitimately mill around and do nothing.

  • mouthy

    I guess I get the same job I had at assemblies> Cleaning the toilets...
    Couldnt I be something else this time around????I mean I did turn in the smoker- the adulterer- I did help to keep the congregation clean>>walking away with my head down.>>>O.K. I will continue to clean up the s....t
    If anyone from the Big House ( Bethel) is reading this... I just realized why you came to reinstate me!!!!DAH!!!!

  • minimus

    MOUTHY, You should be the Congregation spokesperson, the Word, the PR gal, the MOUTH.

  • mustang

    Use a pound or 2 of Durham's Rock-Hard Putty. (Available in various sizes, up to 55 gallon drum.) It sets up like concrete in about 20 minutes. Done right, this toilet CANNOT be cleaned or repaired. IT WILL HAVE TO BE REPLACED!!!


  • mouthy

    Thank you Minimus I will accept..( walking away saying what does a PR do???)Oh well--- Ive done everything else in my life it cant be worse than everything else I've done PR?.PR? THINK THINK! PUnch Russell? But I aint going to HeLL am I???

  • hippikon

    The Job I always aspired to was ringing the bell when the speaker goes overtime

    "Appointed Custodian Off The Little Bell"

  • Azalo

    i'd be the guy that only shows up about once a month but tries to sound smart when he answers at the meeting

  • minimus

    Mouthy. the PR person is the Public Relations, media spokesperson. You could tell it like it is!

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