If YOU had to make the decision, would you respect a JW relatives wish to refuse a blood transfusion?

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  • eva luna
    eva luna

    I doubt any family member would put me in that situation, as they know my views.

    If they did, I would look at it as a sign and would do whatever it takes to keep them alive. That would just come so automatic.

    [one of the first things I did while exiting was tear up that bloody card.]

    Gratefully, my kids are out, so no worries there.

  • cofty
    So that's people I really like and people I really dislike I'd give blood

    One way or another I would be ok then :+1:


    You can do what you want. We all can. I would "Million Dollar Baby" my child, if the situation truly called for it. I can't even imagine having to do that. Seriously, I watched that film once, and never again..OMG...I can't even think about it.

    As a parent, pondering the death of your child is horrible. Ending their suffering by necessity would be equally horrible! Allowing 7 F***tards to decree the death of a child, once you know better, would be inconceivable!! I would throw an Elder out of a window and go to prison for murder, before I let the ass-hats of Crooklyn decide the fate of my child. If "God" doesn't like it, then screw him too.

    Ending a life is serious, even when it's a kindness. I grew up on a farm and killed my share of suffering animals. Let me tell you something, when you look into their eyes and they look into yours..it's as real as it gets. If you don't cry, even for a "dumb animal", you need help.

    Taking the life, or allowing the life a lucid, informed, mature adult, to end is a HUGE...HUGE, life altering ordeal. To just allow someone to throw away their life because of the religious buffoonery of some Pedo-protecting charlatans is another matter entirely!!


  • Simon

    isn't there also a possibility that people put the choice in the hands of someone they think will make the "wrong" choice for a reason:

    They want to appear to be faithful and have a card signed because they are pressured to have one, but by then selecting the person they can most rely on to not actually go along with it when the chips are down seems to me to suggest that deep down they really want to make a different choice (but probably not admit it)

  • coalize
    [one of the first things I did while exiting was tear up that bloody card.]


    My mother never understood that. "I understand you don't care no more about religion all that". But the card, why? You want to die of AIDS ?

    In the same time, I chosen to fade during the trial if the infected blood scandal.. wrong timing... not by purpose


  • TD

    No, but I'm open and upfront about that beforehand.

    If the choice gets put in my hands, I will do what is necessary to save their life.

  • Dagney

    cofty: Being alive and distressed is preferable to being dead.

    I agree, if you were young enough to have years of life ahead of you. And after a discussion with the person they still picked me as the decision maker, I believe in what Simon said, it would be a round about way of getting the blood without it being their decision.

    In the case of my elderly parent, since deceased at 98, it would be devastating and traumatic for her. As sweet and logical as she was in some things, there was that "judgement" mentality that crippled her thinking on others. **sigh**

  • rebel8

    This is a very thought-provoking question.

    Those of you who know me might be shocked at my answer, but here goes. I think I would not override their decision.

    This could be colored by the fact that I truly have no jw relatives that I actually love.

    I have a few minor jw relatives I've never met. I would agree for them to get blood because I figure they don't know any better.

    My adult jw relatives might be dumb, ignorant and brainwashed, but they are all evil SOBs too. Also, I figure being related to a jw hemophiliac has given them ample opportunity to think this through, and it's their decision to make.

  • Anon2

    A question to make Aristotle bite his fingernails. Maybe it's something we can't "really" know until we're faced with it, but my most truthful answer would be no, I wouldn't respect her wishes.

    Many years ago, a car ran a stop sign and pushed my car into a cement bridge. Most of my bones were broken, organs ruptured, etc. It was bad. My parent's are JW's. I left home and the religion as soon as possible. Was never baptized. They knew how I felt and knew I didn't accept their stand on the blood issue.

    My husband was killed in the accident, which left decisions to my parents. Knowing that I wouldn't stand a chance of living without blood, my mother said no. They told her they would get a court order but my time to live was severely limited and the time it took them to get the order might make a life or death difference. She refused. They woke a Judge and got the order.

    Though she said "it was the hardest thing she ever did," saying no, she had no choice. How does someone say that about their child? How does someone put a humans word that the Bible means what they say it means ahead of a life? How does a person put fear of disfellowshipping ahead of their child?

    I don't know, but feel pretty sure that I'd sign for her to get one. Not from any sort of "payback", but simply because I couldn't live with myself knowing she died because I wouldn't sign that paper.

  • bafh

    I believe tolerance goes both ways. So, yes. It is their right to choose for themselves what they want and it is not my place to violate that. I am the medical representative listed on my mother's blood card, and should it come to that, I plan on following her conscience.

    It's her life, not mine. If I want her to respect my right to be "inactive", then I think it is the right thing to do to respect her right to be a true believer. In my view, part of being an adult is respecting other people's right to their own points of view, opinions, etc and supporting what is important to them, even if it is something that is not important to me.

    We don't have to be the same to be respectful and loving. Otherwise, how are we any different than the hypocrasy many of us have experienced at the KH?

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