If YOU had to make the decision, would you respect a JW relatives wish to refuse a blood transfusion?

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  • bafh

    Coded Logic -

    I would say that the underlying difference in how people are answering comes down to the fact that some people think "the most moral decision" is to follow what the person would want if they were conscious rather than doing what you would decide for yourself.

    In my case, I am my mother's representative, her stand-in. So for me the most moral decision I could make is to honor her wishes. And I think legally, because she has that the blood card as a legal document, I don't think I could choose to do otherwise. Besides, she is a true believer regular pioneer, so you know hordes of people would swarm me should I do any different.

    With all the information available, if people are staying in, it's because they want to. People believe strange things. Everyone has the free will to make their own choices, be right or wrong, succeed or fail. It's their right and it is not our right to strip them of it.

  • JRK


    Mushrooms and blood are like apples and oranges. No point to make, a non sequitur argument.

    Quit while you are ahead, or have not dug the hole too deep.


  • Phizzy

    I try to lead my life on the basis of doing the most good, and the least harm. I would decide on that basis.

    I think, probably, in most instances I would save the life, take the flack, and explain why I did it.

    I can think of an exception to that. But it would be a rare case, to qualify as the exception.

    Truth and Rationality trump false beliefs.

  • nicolaou
    Mushrooms and blood are like apples and oranges

    You've missed my point JK, it's about the practitioner not the product. The Witch Doctor is patently not qualified to give medical advice whereas the Watch Doctor (sorry, Watchtower) is . . . ALSO not qualified to give medical advice.

    Apples and apples.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Doesn't the Bible say:

    There is hope for whoever is among the living, because a live dog is better off than a dead lion.

    Does that apply to refusing blood with lionlike courage?

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    I feel the same but...my 74 year old mother when she got sick put up so many road blocks with doctors it is now impossible to force blood....it's the most frustrating difficult time ever. And your other family support her. Not taking blood will kill her 20 years early but you really have no choice but to give up and let her die, this is very sad it breaks you.

    I hate this Watchtower monster eating up the lives of our families in God's name.

  • stillin

    Would you want it passed as a matter of Law that whatever the doctor says in this situation will be what goes? Because that opens up a Pandora's box FULL of things being done to OUR bodies that we might not have wanted done.

    Slippery slope, not respecting somebody's humanity.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    Yes in the case of my mom and brother. They are such intolerably cruel people who hate science that I think they are not deserving of its benefits. They believe in a resurrection, well good - they can go earn it.
  • Zana

    slimboyfat wrote:

    But actually in response to your original question there are some people in this world I would choose to make live even if it was against their wishes. Not because I think my worldview is objectively correct and they are crazy. Or because I think my views are more important than theirs. But just because I am selfish and I don't want them to die. I'd have to explain it afterwards, but it wouldn't be in terms of: "because your beliefs are load of crap you numbskull". More like: "I would miss you too much, sorry." I guess that lines me up for criticism from both sides in this debate.


    5 years ago I had this discussion with my wife just before our son's birth. Then I said I would respect her decision und when the doctor came to inform us they had to perform an emergency C-section, she reminded me again. At this point I still felt it more important to respect her wishes. But honestly I am not sure how I would have reacted if the operation hadn't gone as planned.

    Today I would give her the blood transfusion. Because I love her and don't want to lose her. And because I think it's selfish of her to possibly let her children and her husband lose their mom and wife because of a badly interpreted bible verse. Also: I wouldn't be able to tell our children that mom died but I could have prevented it.

  • JRK


    Still only a rational argument in your mind.

    Hey, I know some others that think like you. They would like you to join them in Oregon, and bring snacks!


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