If YOU had to make the decision, would you respect a JW relatives wish to refuse a blood transfusion?

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  • nicolaou
    TimDrake: I'm dissapointed that, so far, the majority would actually violate another person's choice as to their own medical wishes.

    If my Mother were unconscious and I had to decide her treatment it would not be her choice that would affect the future, it would be mine. Of course I would be mindful of my Mums wishes and beliefs but ultimately I have to take responsibility for MY choices not hers.

    So yes, to answer Maksutov's question, it would be your decision.

  • Giordano

    Do we respect the people at Jonestown who were coerced and or willing to drink poison?If you were there and realized what was about to happen would you respect their belief or pick up the little children and run like hell?

    Not getting a life saving blood transfusion has killed more people every year then Jonestown.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Probably not anymore, but only if no alternatives available.

    That's why I'm not my wife's legal representative in this matter :-(

  • coalize

    Yes! Absolutely yes!

    I always respect the choices of my relatives even if I disagree. I want my choices to be respected, then...

    Of course, before, until the last moment, I will boring it like a crazy to make it change his mind, but at the fatidic moment, I will respect his choice, even if I totally disgree!

  • Poztate

    I'm dissapointed that, so far, the majority would actually violate another person's choice as to their own medical wishes.

    I am sure you need to apply that to all the Witnesses out there also. I have informed my Wife that I would take blood in a medical emergency but I am sure that if I was incapable of signing for myself she would refuse all blood products on my behalf. It works both ways.


    How about, " Would I respect a relatives right to deny an organ transplant, based on the interpretation of the WTBTS?" NO.

    The answer would be the same. A big "HELL NO!!!"


  • TimDrake1914

    You can't argue that you want your own rights respected when you are willing to violate other's rights as well. This is exactly the reason why courts will impose blood transfusions on witness' children if a Doctor pursues it; because courts recognize a child may not be capable of making an informed choice, especially when the parents are trying to make that choice for them.

    Are witnesses manipulated into making bad decisions? Sure, no one can argue with that. But in the end, adults have the right to make their own decisions, no matter how stupid we think those choices are. By that same token, we could choose to accept a blood transfusion because we believe that it will allow us to live on the planet Zanudu where we will live alongside Baal as spiritual reindeers. A person shouldn't lose their individual right to make their own choices just because their beliefs don't make any sense to us. In their mind, they are making an "informed" choice based on the information they themselves have CHOSEN to accept. Whether or not we believe it is an "informed" choice matters for sh!t, unless we can determine they are not fit to make their own medical decisions. But that should not be based on our personal opinion.

    The day we start thinking we have the right to make other people's choices is the day we ourselves have become the very organization we condemn so much on here.

  • cyberjesus

    @cofty, the op is not about agreeing but about respecting. Why if we want our ddecisions repected can not do the same for others?



    WTF is wrong with you? Jeeze-Mon!!! There is a difference between informed consent and making a dumb-F*** choice.

    If I do not want to be on life-support because there is no chance of recovery and my spouse will be paying an astronomical bill for nothing, that's my choice. Dying because some f***tard wants to drill holes in my head to let demons out is another matter. Yo comprende???


  • JRK

    I would respect my mother's wishes.


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