"You're not that bright, are you?"

by berylblue 28 Replies latest jw friends

  • shamus

    I LOOOOOOOVE you all so much too..... I looove you..... LOOOOOVE!

    Should this be a 10 page topic of nothing? I say giver'.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex


    First of all, your co-worker is a toffee-headed, vacuous, malodorous moron. I burst my pimples in their general direction.

    Hope that got at least a little smile. It should. I ripped it off from Monty Python.

    Listen, I've fought depression most of my life and all I can tell you is things are never as bad as they look when you're in the valley. When you're down that low, you can't see the way out. Take one day at a time, even one hour at a time.

    When I was at the worst of my depression I used to wear sunglasses at my desk because the light bothered my eyes. Naturally people thought I was the weirdest person in the world (have you ever see anyone wearing sunglasses inside an office?). I've been there. But it does get better.

    Take care,


  • Joyzabel

    <---don't claim to be the brightest candle on the cake!

    so I guess I'm not bright either! OH well.

    btw, how judgemental of him to say that. Ignore him as much as possible at work.



  • manon

    Berylblue xoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Ravyn

    hey beryl blue!

    think of it this way.....how smart do you have to be to see in the light? everybody can see in the light....but the real talent (and advantage) is to the one who can still see in the dark.....

    so next time you are accused of not being too bright---take it as a compliment. smile and say thank you. that will really confuse em!


  • Mystery

    We believe in you.

  • outoftheorg

    Hey Rosemarie, I have at times had people say similar things about me. Guess what? I am still here and doing ok. Some of them are not doing so good. Still stuck in the borg.

    I know a lot of people that thought they were above others and they don't look so good now.

    The secret is to hang in there and use your common sense. You will be just fine if you stick it out.

    Anyone who would say that to you is a mindless jerk, so ignore them.

    Hey James, Whats with your down cast feelings today? Had a bad day? Can we be of help??

    Let us know ok??


  • bluesapphire

    Don't worry about that idiot at work. Only an idiot would verbalize such a thing to another human being. I don't understand the part of the drug you're withdrawing from, nor drug addiction since I don't have an addictive personality. But I am glad you can come here and talk to people who care about you. You're one of my favorite posters btw. And I think you have intelligence and heart.

  • Francois

    Here is a site with some people present who have gotten off benzos:


    And here's another one

    And these people are serious about getting off and staying off

    Good Luck,

  • obiwan

    Hey! Tell the bone head to trade places for a day the see how it feels. Be proud that your moving ahead and taking on the problem head on, it takes alot of strength and courage to do that.

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