The end is so close now....

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  • Diogenesister

    Because we’re so DEEP into the END of the LAST of the LAST DAYS...

    Is the latest mantra.

    Next year it will be : Because we’re even DEEPER into the END of the LAST of the VERY LAST DAYS....

    And after that it will be DEEP into the VERY DEEPEST of the END of the LAST of the VERY, VERY LAST DAYS ...and so on ad infinitum🙄

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I am old and in poor health. I was promised neither would happen

  • smiddy3

    I love the expression that they have to get their Go-bags ready .......Where are they going to go ?

    I know where I would like them to go.....

  • Vidiot

    There are some who are so tired of simply being dutiful JWs that they'll welcome The End just to be free of it.

    Know how I know?

    That was me.

    One of my many little wake-up moments was realizing that the WTS still planned to run my life even after the Big A. Forever.

    In fact, I felt literally sick to my stomach.

  • Finkelstein

    Aren't they tiring out from saying this now?

    Fear is utilized in a very deep psychological way by the WTS/.JWS to control people to what they want them to do, which mostly involves distributing the WTS's literature and converting others.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i think when they say the last days..they mean THEIR last days.

  • Jofi_Wofo


    I remember 10 or so years ago a sister telling me "the Governing Body have been telling people at Bethel that we're not just in the last days, but we're now in the last stretch of the final part of the days".

    Of course, I can't verify that anyone actually said that, but that's how she related it to me, and for some reason it didn't sound silly to her at all.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Why are they called The Last Days™?

    Because they last...........and they last............and they last...............and they last.............

  • iwantoutnow

    For at least 20 years at Assemblies at least one brother or CO would talk about:

    "we are in the last seconds of the 2 minute warning, for this old system of things"

    Anyone one else hear that old chestnut?

  • sparky1

    My dyed in the wool religious fanatic Jehovah's Witness mother died in the year 2000. She was in intensive/critical care most of the time from November 1999 through March 2000. In her last weeks she kept asking me to take her home from the hospital because she KNEW that Armageddon was only a matter of weeks away and she wanted to hold on long enough to live into the new system. Her Armageddon came in March 2000 just about 20 years ago. And so it goes.

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