The end is so close now....

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  • NC1998

    May favorite part of it is the way they separate the near idea for the believers from the impossible to know even how near idea with God's POV teaching. And somehow that never connects as 2 impossible ideas.

    Even if they could honestly say it is "near", there is by their own explanation from bible verses, no valid conversion to how god actually sees what near even is. Could be thousands of years by their own "logic".

    It's fundamentally nuts.

  • Nimu

    "... this old system of things", ya know? It's coming to an end. SOON!


  • sir82
    I mean, after so many sad years of saying that the end is so close, haven't they got tired, worn out,
    fatigued at saying it?

    It has to be terrible for JW's mental health.

    On the one hand, you are expecting it "any moment now, soon, very soon, did we say soon? sooner than soon, the soonest" which is stressful.

    On the other hand, now matter how many times you hear at a meeting, an assembly, a broadcast "soon, soon, SOON", soon never comes. Which is depressing & disappointing.

    So you have constant cycle of psychological stress compounded by unending disappointment. Meanwhile, "Sister Iron Lung pioneered for decades while lying on her back, what's YOUR excuse? Why aren't YOU doing more?"

    No wonder JWs hit the bottle.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Questioning or saying you have heard it for 60 years is like wearing a maga hat at the DNC

  • punkofnice

    I remember as a teen, I'd think, 'They say Armageddon(tm) will be soon(tm), but it doesn't feel like anything will really happen.'

  • BluesBrother
  • Jofi_Wofo

    So, the end is coming any day now, we just don't know when. Like a pregnant woman experiencing contractions who knows the baby is coming out at any moment. Even if the contractions last 45 years after the last due date, which was 50 years past the previous due date, which was 11 years past the previous due date, with a few close calls in between and probably a few more due dates before any of this, but let's not concern ourselves with old, outdated medical records!!!

    Ok then, allow me to assume that it is true that the end can come at any moment. You know what else can come at any moment?


    Any moment of any day, we can suffer a heart attack, stroke, a sink hole, a tsunami, a brain amoeba, an airplane crashing into our building, an earthquake, a meteor shower, an alergic reaction, an animal attack, a staph infection... Everyime we drive, we can get hit by a drunk driver. Everytime we fly, the engines can fail. Everytime we step outside, we can get hit by a stray bullet.

    We all know that every day of living presents it's risks of dying. And yet, NONE of those reasons are ever offered for why we shouldn't go to college, have children, build up a retirement account, buy property, or work overtime to get a promotion.

    Whether by death or Armageddon, all things we do in this world will be made moot. That doesn't mean we should refrain from at least TRYING to get what we want out of our lives.

  • WTWizard

    This end has been around since 1872. And, in other related denominations, even before. The problem is, how soon it comes depends on how many people give their energy to joke-hova to bring us all into the enslavement that will be the end. That is, the end of all human hope, fulfillment, and happiness. We will all be assimilated, become greys, and lose our ability to think. And soon, the reptilians will inhabit this planet after they make it unfit for anything else.

    Perhaps it is better if the end doesn't come at all. Put that bible away--or better, throw it away.

  • DesirousOfChange
  • DesirousOfChange

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