The end is so close now....

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  • Fadeaway1962

    A talk at a assembly 25+ years ago bro was using Matt 24:14 , and then the end will come. Said we are living at the time between the e and the full stop .

  • Cadellin

    Believe it or not, they even have a music video called "Just Around the Corner" that would be heartbreaking if it wasn't such clear propaganda. One of the last district conventions (regional whatever) I attended featured the term "imminent." Every talk used that term to describe how close the big A was. That was back in around 2009 and I remember asking my elder husband, "So what does imminent mean, exactly? Two months? Two years? Can't be more than five years or they'd be lying, right?"


  • redvip2000
    In her last weeks she kept asking me to take her home from the hospital because she KNEW that Armageddon was only a matter of weeks away and she wanted to hold on long enough to live into the new system. Her Armageddon came in March 2000 just about 20 years ago. And so it goes.

    Yup, new generations of cult members are inducted and they too begin believing that the end is just around the corner. Old members die off certain that they will be in the new system.

    The Org relies on this revolving door of hope to keep it afloat.

  • smiddy3

    In 1960 i was told that this system of things wouldn`t / couldnt last much longer that 5 years at the most ,32 years later I left .

    I look back and shake my head ,what fool am I .

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    LOL @ Sour Grapes!

    "It is so close that you better not buy any ripe bananas. Buy green ones to give you a couple of more days for the end to come and still enjoy your bananas."

    Brothers, let us enjoy our bananas as there is yet time!

  • waton

    I listened to avery well phrased, innovative talk on free will recently, and asked the speaker afterwords if he takes funeral talks. He said he has never given one, so next : "You said we are in the last days, ???, you better gat an out line or you will never give one" ---- Actually he, a young man, has 55 years by wt count. to talk about the resurrection hope full's funerals.

    0202 2020 whichever way you read it, forward or the hebrew way, is 55 (another palindrome ) years from 2075.

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