Are You Still Bitter?

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  • shamus

    No. Not bitter at all, really. More like totally relieved. I am still upset about the whole thing - but not bitter. I would be a whole lot more bitter if I was still going to meetings, having to deal with brother and sister nuts.

  • integ



    Well...if anyone vaguely remembers me on other forums...let's say 5 years ago, I can tell you, whatever it is I needed to get out of my system, is gone.


    No bitterness. I have to deal with today - get on with it, otherwise I'll be stuck in a time period that no longer exists. Damage, self inflicted and being negative and bitter only further distances yourself from potentially nice people.

    I'm over it.

  • integ

    I am starting to get bitter about this board...I know I have the choice to leave at any time...And I'm sure you all will be happy to know I will be exercising that option. I have tried to make insightful comments, behind the scenes reports (i still attend meetings sometimes for my families sake)..and generally tried to contribute. Nobody seems to give a shit about anything I say. I guess I am just THAT boring. I have bared my heart and soul on this board and asked for help and feedback on different things, and none has been forthcoming. I am starting to feel an affinity for scooby snax and other "moderates". (but not sword of jah, he's just too out there, and not what I would consider a moderate anyway). I have been beaten up by the jw religion, and I guess I was hoping that my opinion might actually matter to someone in this forum, or that I could make a connection with someone on here..But I guess I'll have to look elsewhere..Thanks to everyone that responded to my posts (very few)...I have been enlightened by a lot of the info I have learned as a result of this site.

  • Sunspot

    "When we let bitterness envelop us, we allow the organization to win. Nothing gets to Witnesses more than seeing those that left the "truth" happy with their lives.JW's want, I mean, NEED, to see that there's" no place else to go". Screw them!" Yes, I am extremely bitter! Had I just been able to leave that unholy organization, I wouldn't answer that way. But the repercussions of OTHERS nasty deeds,and the new hurts that they shoot at me, won't let me feel any other way. It's bad enough I wasted 30 years of endless "hamster-in-a-wheel" WTS routine, brought my kids up with the WTS mindset on how association with the YMCA, 4-H, Brownies, Cub Scouts, afterschool clubs, birthdays, holidays, proms and attending ANYTHING other than a meeting on a meeting night; the 30 years of spending my husband's vacation time at District Conventions WITH the kids, and WITHOUT him (never became a JW) and always feeling guilty because MAYBE I could be "doing MORE" even though I became disabled, and never being appreciated for who I WAS, as a caring and loving PERSON, and not a name on a TIME SLIP! And I could go on, believe me. I KNOW the "feeling" that the WTS has won if I'm bitter-----so, I guess---they've won. And the more shi! that I read like with Essie, and so many others.....I will REMAIN bitter for a long time. Injustice and meanness and totally unfair self-righteous &*%$s make me crazy! I DO spend time sending things to the media whenever and wherever I can, and post on discussion boards (mostly when I'm struggling with yet another problem in my life caused by a JW or BECAUSE I WAS a JW), which soothes my feathers a little, but it's unforgiveable for ANY organization to victimize those who choose to leave and just wish to be left alone. Even the Constitution allows for the pursuit of happiness, but the WTS followers don't WANT us to be happy, and go to the MOST unheard of lengths to justify their hateful conduct. "Conduct Unbecoming a CHRISTIAN" applies to them the MOST, in fact I'll go so far as to say it's "conduct unbecoming a human being"......I don't see any END to it in MY life, or anyone else's life from what I can I can see. YES. I'M VERY BITTER! "I know there are others who post here who belong to different churches and feel their churches are quite wonderful. Unfortunatly, I cannot share in that experience. " I'm in the same position. I don't know from day to day if I WANT to be a "part of" any organized religion, becuase I'm actually afraid to test the waters for fear of getting caught up with being EXPECTED to show up whenever others do, or not knowing what scriptures may be twisted to promote a certain view...being a JW has screwed up MY mind, and objective reasoning. I've lost YEARS of not being there when grandkids were born (that are now adults) I'll never get to hold them as babies,or enjoy telling them stories or having them stop by to get cookies from Gramma, or share in their milestones, be at THEIR graduations or weddings and it's now coming into a second generation where MORE is being lost, and there is NOTHING I can do about it. It stinks. So the WTS has screwed me by shattering and dividing my family forever and ruining my relationship with God because I can't trust myself to make the right decisions in this area. Oh yeah................I'm bitter, but it doesn't mean I'm not compassionate and unloving. At least they didn't take THAT from me. Hugs, Annie

  • minimus

    INTEG, you can't leave unless you clear it through the approval committee and we've already met and denied your intent to leave JWD. Don't get discouraged or bitter here, my friend. I have read many of your comments and I think they're fine. I remember Blondie saying that when she first posted, hardly anyone responded. Now look at her. She's an eldress!, stick around.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex


    The bitter is all better.

  • Francois

    What? Bitter? Me? The JWs are responsible for fully 95% of the pain in my life and I should be bitter? You bet your sweet ass I'm bitter. And that's another reason why I have no patience with them at the door. I open it, I.D. a JW and immediately order them off my property.

    And I don't care if Scooby or anyone else can identify with it, I CAN, and that's good enough for me.


  • MrMoe

    No, oh heaven's no. I have pity. All those poor drones. Don't hate the people, hate the mechanics of the machine that drives them all.

  • minimus

    Francois, You KICK ASS!

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