Are You Still Bitter?

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  • minimus

    In whatever stage of leaving the organization that you're in, do you find yourself bitter?

  • Mulan

    At times, yes. When I think about things too much, it wells up in me.

    I am very bitter about the way they treated my mother when she moved in with us. She is a loyal JW, and many in the cong. (not elders) lumped her with us, and thought she was wrong to live with us and gossiped about her and didn't visit her. She is 90, for Pete's sake. The letter I wrote last month seemed to have turned things around. The elders thanked me for writing it. They used it to talk to some of the cong., at the Circuit Overseer's insistence. I wrote to him, the PO, and to the service desk at Patterson. I am sure it stirred things up a lot. (I was nice by the way, but firm about their lack of love).

  • DJ

    I'm not sweet about it that's for sure....

  • xjw_b12

    I'm not bitter.............I'm better !

  • Ravyn

    sometimes. not once a day. not even once a week. but sometimes it will still last for a few days. that is when I usually come to this forum for some encouragement and then take a break from it all for a few days. Usually the bitterness comes into it for me around the issue of my career, or lack of. I am disabled now and I don't have the health that I gave up to pioneer, so it is not something I can just pull myself up by the boot straps and get out of now. And I suffer financially because of it. And so does my husband, who had nothing to do with JWs ever. So I get bitter about all the wasted years of health that I did have and gave away to them without so much as a thank you or a gold watch to retire with....

    But it has finally gotten to the point where I can remember some good times too. Where I can see that if I had not been raised a JW I may have made some costly mistakes and I would not even know my husband now. And I have also come to realize that he has reason to be bitter about wasted potential and wasted opportunities too--and JWs were not even involved!

    I would not go so far as to make the comments that I have seen on here about how it has all added up to who I am and I am grateful for the life lessons--hard as they were---that in my opinion is crap! LOL No one NEEDS to suffer to become strong. I SURVIVED my experiences, I don't owe them anything.


  • freedom96

    I am not worried about my youth spent being a witness. Been there, don't need to keep revisiting. But don't mess with my family now.

    If a witness, any witness, is going to try to come between me and my family now, watch out.

  • Ghost of Esmeralda
    Ghost of Esmeralda

    if you'd asked me a week, month, year ago, I'd have told you no, I'm definitely past all that.

    Ask me today, the answer would be "hell yes, absofreakinglutely." But I think since I'm still reeling from the events of the past few days, I am entitled to a little trip back to soursville.

    Now, ask me tomorrow....and I hope the answer will be 'no'. I don't like to waste time on it, there are too many productive things I need to be doing with my life.


  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    I have no bitterness. If there's a problem I fix it ASAP. Disappointed? Yes! A sad disappointment. How can such people preach one thing and practice another? All my experiences are learning lessons.

    I had a similiar experience as Mulan, the difference was, nobody from the congregation nor my younger brother who is an elder volunteered to take care of my sick mother except my wife and I. So much for the love that they preach about. The friends were allowed to come and visit her but not that many showed up, how sad.

    Anyways, our lives go on and my life and happiness doesn't hinge on thinking about such things.

    Guest 77

  • minimus

    When we let bitterness envelop us, we allow the organization to win. Nothing gets to Witnesses more than seeing those that left the "truth" happy with their lives.JW's want, I mean, NEED, to see that there's" no place else to go". Screw them!

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    I have bitterness toward organized religion in general. After leaving the witnesses, my experience found that religions outside of the witnesses are really no better. I find it's just more of the same scripture twisting to control your life.

    Now, before I get flamed again as I did in a previous post, this is based on my experience only. I know there are others who post here who belong to different churches and feel their churches are quite wonderful. Unfortunatly, I cannot share in that experience.

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