do you believe in karma?

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  • SpiceItUp

    we have all heard the cliche' "what goes around comes around" but do you really believe it?

    I know this person that for many years has been unkind, devious and vengeful and then over more recent years has had bad luck everywhere they turned around. I mean one thing after another. Most of the things that have happened to them would appear to be noones fault. Its almost like they attract bad luck. As much as I hate to say it part of me thinks they are getting what they deserve from all their bad deeds. The sad part is that while they have changed for the better to a degree they still don't seem to have quite learned their lessons on being a nice and considerate person. Unfortuantely that could be the cause for the "bad luck" that just won't go away.

    Then of coarse I think of bad things that happen to me. Did I deserve some of them...probably. I have not been perfect so I'm bound to have a few things come back at me. Of coarse lately things are going pretty well and I think partially due to my being the best person I can be and making a conscious effort not to be unkind or underhanded.

    I have a motto these days and it is "to practice safe karma". My own little addendum to "do unto others".

    Do you think that the universe has its way of evening things out with some sort of karmic law?

  • Dansk

    Hi Spice,

    Do you think that the universe has its way of evening things out with some sort of karmic law?

    Personally, yes! Every action has a reaction - cause and effect! I can't find a better philosophy anywhere.


  • oldcrowwoman

    I firmly believe that what goes around comes around. Like me testing the limits. One example parking in a no parking near my bank. Did it over a period of time and one day coming out of the bank and here was a slip on my windshield. $10.00 fine. Did'nt do it again. Thats one of my lighter experiences.

    Shortly before I Da'ed the encounter with jc and exhusband. A nightmare experience. I knew what comes around goes around. My tactic was to lay in the weeds. The truth came out. Grateful for my patience it pays at times.

    I believed that when I was a young child. I don't where I aquired the value. But its a good one.


  • JH

    Interesting what your wrote, but no, I don't think that being good or bad will change anything in life.

    If you have talent or a good education, you should get a good job. You could be a good person and very generous, and get nothing in return in life.

    Everybody will have ups and downs in life. From the start we are all different with different talents and capacities and handicaps. That' s what will detrmine alot in life. Who you hang around with will determine ALOT.

    If you hang around with people with influence you will be a winner. Hang around people with nothing, and you will finish off the same way. Those that have nothing or just bad luck, maybe are hanging around with the wrong people.

    Those that you described as unkind, devious and vengeful are usually the ones that get most out of life. In my book, good guys often finish last.

  • Introspection

    As Dansk pointed out, karma is just cause and effect, pretty simple. It's another thing altogether to think of karma as some kind of cosmic justice imposed on individuals, this is just a popular story people added to make sense of it personally. While sometimes what people do may come back to them in some way, it is often indirect and you'd be hard pressed to actually connect the dots through cause and effect. Obviously, though, others can often see how a person acts and choose to deal with them differently, but then that falls into the sphere of more direct cause and effect relationships. The real meaning of karma requires no belief, because it is a plain fact. If you find yourself believing something about it then you are really adding some kind of story to it.

  • SpannerintheWorks

    From Merriam-Webster:

    Main Entry: kar·ma
    Pronunciation: 'kär-m& also 'k&r-
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Sanskrit karma fate, work
    Date: 1827
    1 often capitalized : the force generated by a person's actions held in Hinduism and Buddhism to perpetuate transmigration and in its ethical consequences to determine the nature of the person's next existence
    2 : VIBRATION 4
    - kar·mic / -mik / adjective

    Personally I don't, at this present moment in time believe in Karma, as defined above. But I do believe in "what goes around, comes around (sometimes)".


  • Introspection
    Etymology: Sanskrit karma fate, work

    Main Entry: 1 work
    Pronunciation: 'w&rk
    Function: noun

    2 a : energy expended by natural phenomena b : the result of such energy <sand dunes are the work of sea and wind> c : the transference of energy that is produced by the motion of the point of application of a force and is measured by multiplying the force and the displacement of its point of application in the line of action

  • JH
    have a motto these days and it is "to practice safe karma". My own little addendum to "do unto others".

    Being nice to others like you are trying to do is nice. People will appreciate you alot if you do your best for others.

    I often helped poeple, and got nothing back in return when I needed help. So the love doesn't always come back around.

    I think the best philosophy is not to expect anything in return of our good deeds. Like that we won't be deceived, and then we won't be angry at others.

    And why should we expect something in return. Weren't we glad to give in the first place?

    Often we receive help in return from ANOTHER source.

  • DJ

    "You reap what you sew" is in the bible.

  • JH

    I learned not to believe in everthing that's written in the bible. The bible talks about promises so far away, that no matter what kind of life you live, you won't be blessed in the near futur. You make your own blessings by the choices you make.

    Witness admit that it will only be in the new system that we will be blessed, not before. On top of that they say all will be blessed equally. So no matter if you gave 10 times more than another, you will get the same salary.

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