do you believe in karma?

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  • Seven

    Yes, I'm a firm believer in what goes around comes around and you reap what you so. There are times when people who willfully harm others or cause them pain don't have to answer for their actions in the now.. They eventually get reaped. They get what they deserve.

  • shamus

    Of course -

    You reap what you sow.

    What goes around comes around.

    Same thing.

  • DJ

    How do you like that for karma....?

  • freedom96

    I do believe that there is an reaction for every action, and also that what goes around usually comes around.

    Call it karma, call it whatever, I don't know.

  • Dino

    My karma ran over your dogma!

  • MrMoe

    I am going to repeat something I said somewhere else, as I think it fits.

    Sometimes it is best to walk away and cut your loses. Some people may take your side, some may not, and yet others may not take any side at all. In the end, the thing that TRULY matters are the people that YOU call friends. If they are there for you and do all the happy wonderful little things friends do, then you have nothing to worry about. If your REAL friends talk sh*t, do sh*t, or say sh*t, then f**k 'em. They are and never WERE true to you in the first place, and better now than ever, right?

    Either way, sometimes it is just to let stuff die. Beating a dead horse just wears a person out. Trust me, I have been trying for years. Had I let the crap go back 5 years ago when her and I went our seperate ways rather than always being a DOORMAT, it along with the memories of her and whatever else would be long gone.

    *speech over*

    The sooner you let go, the sooner it is ALL over with.

    Karma? No, life. It is called life. I have seen my both my mothers live GOOD lives, and do nothing but kind things for other people and do one awesome job trying like hell to be a good mom, and yet tragedy followed them until thier death bed. My mother who just passed away had a life so painful I sometimes wonder how the burden of it was enough to bear. Was it karma? Did she DESERVE it? Oh my god no. She wasn't perfect, but she was a damn good human being.

    To say bad things happen because you deserve it is a digusting line of thought to me. "Hey look, your husband beat you, you were molested, you were in foster care, you were raped, you were thrown away, you were homeless, and so many other countless things one after the other, well, you MUST have deserved it, and in fact, I want to gloat!" And for ANY person to see bad things happen to somebody else and be HAPPY about it, and BRAG and say - "HA HA HA look at your misfortune, isn't it great my life is peachy and your life is sh*t." That just isn't right. It shows where the heart condition is. I would never in all my life want bad things for another. So why keep tabs? If the other party is so terrible, why stay involved? Who cares? Let things die. Maybe it is time to stop patting yourself on the back and take a good hard look in the mirror.

    Here is where I let it go. Here is where the next time somebody says to me, hey, guess what so and so said about you, even if it hurts my feelings and is so FAR from the truth, even if it right now this very minute makes me cry, whatever. Doesn't matter anymore.

    If people want to judge me based upon slander and untruths, oh well, who cares. It not longer effects me, because the people I love, the ones I care about know me for who *I* am and not by what they are told by some 3rd party who has a vendetta. This person can say whatever they want. I turn my back and walk away.

  • Francois

    I believe there is a certain kind of cosmic give and take that could be called karma. It's mentioned in Mt. 7:1. I'm sure you remember it - judge not that you may not be judged, for with what meaure you are judging you will also be judged.

    There is no doubt in my mind that as powerfully as we feel the urge to do it, we were not put here to be in the judging business. Judging makes us on par with the law giver, and I certainly don't claim that I am a part of that rarefied estate.

    I believe sufficiently in karma that I try to be aware of my karma and my actions that would lead me to negative karmic returns. Don't need it, don't want it, try to escape it.


  • MrMoe

    Francois - I always love your posts. Every single one of them.

    I guess some people were just born with tragedy in thier blood. ~ Donnie Darko

    A quote from a movie I watched with a true friend. Now, regardless if it is true, I am 100% sure it made you think of somebody, somebody who didn't "deserve" all that pain and suffering.




  • Introspection

    Ok I got a lot of stuff here, I'm afraid it won't be very organized so be forewarned - hopefully it will be of some interest to read though..

    Hmm, it's interesting to look at the scriptures in the beginning Matthew 7 again. Now it's one thing to say we're humans, we're too small to be judging things and so forth, but it's another to look at what it's saying here in terms of how we might be projecting our perspective into what we see. Even if you don't consciously judge someone by the same standard, you have set up that perception. Since it IS a part of your mind guess what.. it's more immediate and direct than someone else - even the idea of a separate God - taking those same standards and judging you. I'm not even talking about morality here, I'm simply pointing to the mechanics right - if you frame things a certain way, that's how you see things. Could it be that what's being talked about here, atleast in part, is not a judgement in the sense of "you're bad, you die" (or I just really won't like you) - but judgement in terms of perception? I'm sure some of you are familiar with this idea of what you put out there you attract back to you, yes?

    Here's something to think about: is belief a judgement?

    Remember the rest of that first paragraph says to take the rafter out of your own eye - it's easy to think in terms of the rafter being bigger than a straw, like "you got more to work on than the other guy," but it is also a matter of clear seeing. Regardless of how big the thing is if you got something in your eye which shapes your perceptions, then you will not be able to see things clearly from the perspective of pure awareness, which isn't a perspective actually but you get the drift. To me this scripture isn't just a simple "hey who are you to judge", but rather it gives insight into the mind, that it's dualistic in nature.

    Imagine.. What if thought and action (karma, basically) are one? Where does judgement fit in then? In that case it wouldn't be a two step process - like you come up with a judgement about someone else or yourself (either positive or negative, by the way) and then acting on that like you're reading instructions off a piece of paper or something, but you'd just act accordingly, at the same time. Of course, even if you just sit around and think about stuff that is also karma, just cause and effect.

    Judgement itself is a relative function and thus not ultimately real, as is the case with any kind of perception. We first have a judgement, then we have positive and negative, and of course it's human nature to want to cling to the positive. The thing is though, even if it is the positive you are still confined to karma in that way, you are caught up in cause and effect. When we stop creating a division against ourselves, we stop being a slave to karma so to speak - this is most notably something seen with time. (you need relative time for cause and effect) Consider the classic JW mindset: Be (or act) 'theocratic' now, get paradise later. When you act with integrity 'in the moment', you are free of karma. Of course, if you identify with - say a future point in time that hasn't happend yet - then you lack integrity in that way, and of course you're going to feel crappy, there's that pull of duality nagging at ya. It's much nicer to feel whole..

    Sorry if this is confusing, I'm sure it will be for many, but I think there are some who will atleast get a sense of what I'm talking about here. I'm fairly new at talking about this actually, so please excuse the disorganized presentation.

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