Is this a normal JW practice? Warning, this will be a bit graphic.

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    You`re lucky you don`t teach Tuba.

    You would have been locked in the basement..

    Then forced to play music meant for the Oboe..

  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    no it does not teach people to do this while you won.t find many WT supporters on this forum for us to support a strawman based on your experience is not ethical and if used to discredit the wt then it's counter productive

  • steve2

    whathehadas said:

    "The Bullshit is strong from this post. Makes sense to go on a forum full of strangers and talk about being raped rather than tell a friend and report it."

    My response:

    I'd guess that anyone who could write the above would have to be a male. While I acknowledge there is no way to verify the truthfulness of the OP, please keep in mind there is a likelihood this is genuine and the woman is suffering.

    Sexual assault victims often feel so bad about what has been done to them that they feel deep shame and fear. The clinical literature on those who have been sexually assaulted strongly suggests they find it less burdensome to talk to strangers in the first instance about what happened rather than family or friends out of fear that family and friends may not believe them or in some way blame them.

    The poster has stated on at least two occasions throughout this thread that she has reported what happened and even gone to the hospital. She poses a perfectly good question - the sort of question I would expect from a victim who was "befriended" by an adult male and coerced into sexual activity. By the poster's account, the adult male identified himself as a JW who then preached to her. This may seem odd - but, if the account is accurate, indicates a man who is trying to salve his conscience over what happened by "witnessing" to her about what she needs to do to gain life. From his perspective, he may have conveniently assumed the poster was okay about his sexual approaches - and any guilt he experienced was simply because he broke Biblical rules on morality - not because he actually raped her.

    I err on the side of believing the poster because in the event that she was raped or sexually assaulted, she will be suffering and obviously feeling very confused by both what the man did and said.

  • Landy
    I err on the side of believing the poster because in the event that she was raped or sexually assaulted, she will be suffering and obviously feeling very confused by both what the man did and said.

    Or at at the very least give her the benefit of the doubt.

  • AllTimeJeff

    There is nothing to be gained by debating this IMO. She had a question and got an answer. Sounds like a bad situation. There is no discussion board "truth-o-meter".

    Given the seriousness of the subject, we should treat it as such. If at a later time, other info comes out, no big deal.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    You reported it to the authorities, I hope you also reported it to your local Kingdom hall....Tell the Elders you have another rapist in your flock, here's the Police report.

  • LaurenM

    I'm soooo sorry that happened to you! Please report him to the police. He deserves to be locked up forever! HE IS AN EVIL CRIMINAL AND US UNGODLY IN EVERY FACIT OF THE WORD. Don't believe whatever bullsh*t he said and talk to a counselor or your parents or somebody about what happened

  • steve2

    What AllTimeJeff said:

  • scratchme1010

    Does this org actually teach people to do this, or have I just run into a really bad guy who also happens to be a JW?

    I fail to read in your post that the guy has been arrested and is in jail. In your post you seem more concerned about the reputation of the WT organization than you being rape. That doesn't sound right to me. Please have that em effer arrested and you go get help.

    US and General Crisis Centers and Hotlines:
    RAINN - 1-800-656-HOPE:
    If you live in the US, calling this number will connect you to a rape crisis center near you. It is free and confidential. Find rape crisis centers in your area.

  • out4good4

    Does anybody else smell that.....

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