Is this a normal JW practice? Warning, this will be a bit graphic.

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  • steve2

    The straight answer to your perfectly good question is, No, as muddled and narrow-minded as the JW organization is, it does not condone the man's egregious behaviour. The difficulty for you - as with any sexual assault victims - is his religious affiliates likely won't believe your allegations. They are prone to very outdated views on the ways men use power and control to manipulate women. BUT you absolutely must report what happened to the appropriate authorities. He sounds like a predator - who would have deliberately manoeuvred the situation to take advantage of you and, in his post-attack mode, start preaching to you to assuage his own guilt. You have done nothing wrong - he is the culprit.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Something sees a bit "off" about this post but I'm going to proceed anyway.

    First off, I'm glad you asked this question and I'm sorry this happened to you but once you've sorted this out with the police, I'd look into the reasons why you'd even have to ask if this is normal for JW's or even care. The important thing at this point is that this guy needs to be dealt with so that he doesn't try this with anyone else. You can sort out your thoughts about JW's later once you are sure that you are ok about all of this and that other women and young girls are safe.

    This guy attempted to cover up his own wrongdoing and soothe his guilty conscience by using a warped sense of Bible logic to make it seem as if you had done wrong and you were the problem . This is what child molesters do to their victims to keep them quiet and my hope is that his daughter or someone else hasn't already been affected by this.

    Naturally, you wouldn't want to judge every JW buy this bad experience but it seems to me you'd want to let someone know at his congregation, what happened to you. How they treat you and how seriously they deal with this guy will be very telling and could give you insights into the organization.

    Under the circumstances, I think I'd insist that the police contact the congregation to let them know what this guy is up to. Make sure the police know that this guy goes from door to door claiming to be a minister and could take advantage of others.

    Whether it's via the police or you or an attorney having to call or write to the congregation yourself, someone needs to make sure no one else has the same thing happen. You may not be his first victim but let's make sure your the last one.

  • Sequoia

    I have reported it the day after it happened, and had to go to the hospital to make sure I was okay. So far everything's okay, except I'm really freaked out. I'm just really confused and feeling betrayed, as I thought he was a friend.

  • AllTimeJeff

    Hey folks. Remember, sexual assault victims do not always "see" what happened as something they should report. Plus, the act of sexual assault, whether it was merely a failed attempt or sadistically successful, absolutely causes upset and confusion. While I sympathize with this being an unusual place to ask, I think we need to take this seriously.

    Sequoia, to answer your question, for all of their misguided beliefs and tactics, JW's have never taught that sexual assault is ok. You are the victim of a predator. Predators are everywhere unfortunately, and frequently use organizations and positions of trust to do as they want. It seems like a coincidence that he is a JW in this case to me, unless his local elders have information on him we are not privy to. I agree 100% with what Steve2 said as well.

    Regardless, you should not only report this to the authorities and go to the police, you should get some support from friends and family who will take care to listen to you and help you. I wish you some healing, as this isn't an easy thing to deal with.

  • Sequoia

    I know this was a weird place to post this, but I was just trying to make sure they're not actually teaching people to do that. I have been talking to a few friends. I have been having a hard time talking about it because I just feel weird and creeped out about the whole thing.

  • Finkelstein

    Sorry to hear of your unfortunately plight Sequoia with this vial creep.

    It should be noted that the JWS cult or the Watchtower Corporation uses fear to allure people into its controlling grasp, which it then exploits and manipulates them for labor and money .

    JWS have been mentally indoctrinated with imposing fear that mankind is to be judged by god at the very soon to come Armageddon and that they exclusively have developed its organization as a truer and purer form of godly worship, that will appease Jehovah enough so to make their members. survive this judgment.

    What this guy did is use this propagating fear strategically to own means, to lure you into supposed righteousness.

    The other important fact to know and be aware of there are self practicing JWS who are rapists , pedophiles, murderers, adulators and so on.

    Do some more research onto this organization Sequoia and you'll come to realized it was founded upon corruption, lies, deception, exploitation, manipulation and a enormous amount of harm to the general public.

    Take care

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  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Sequoia, how did you learn about this site?

  • Finkelstein

    Does this org actually teach people to do this

    The short answer no, the JWS teaches that their members are only to search for partners of the opposite sex that are themselves JWS members.

    In general devout practicing JWS will not seek out someone who is not a practicing JWS themselves, they have been strategically advised to not do so because it may jeopardize their spiritual health or they might leave the organization completely.

  • whathehadas

    The Bullshit is strong from this post. Makes sense to go on a forum full of strangers and talk about being raped rather than tell a friend and report it. 👍

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