I am leaving the JW's . I am alone and scared. Advice and help needed please

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  • scared and lonely
    scared and lonely

    Thank you Lisarose and Tornintwo for your lovely advice.

    I really appreciate it.

    I wish I found this group sooner as I could have done with the support over the past few months. I am quite far down the road now and the elders have gone from 'concerned' to 'annoyed'. I am an irritation to them now and they want it resolved.

    This time last year I was the Watchtower study conductor. Things have changed so fast.

    Thanks again. I appreciate it so much.

  • scared and lonely
    scared and lonely

    My apologies

    I am trying to remove the link in my second post but the edit button is not appearing.

  • nicolaou

    First off, stop worrying about offending people!

    As others have said, take your time and don't make any rash decisions. What's your family situation like? Any non JW relatives who might help you out?

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    We all have been duped by that organization so we may be a little caution..

    We have had folks come here and ask for money, send funds to Congo.

    EX JW are the most difficult folks to scam.

    This may not be the case with you, but the reason for the response from some here.

    As mention we are here for you, maybe not with the pocketbook but with well meaning advice.

  • scared and lonely
    scared and lonely


    I don't have any non JW relatives...at least ones that I am close to. My family is like a little JW Dynasty. I am practically related to everybody in the circuit.

  • Tornintwo
    Just remember, you don't have to tell the elders what you really think! Whilst it might feel momentarily good to do so, if it's going to put you in a real mess then don't. It's actually a very very powerful feeling to nod and smile and agree and thank them for their encouragement (whilst secretly thinking 'what a load of b.s.' ) it means they have no control over you and you take power back and buy yourself the time to get your life in order.
  • scared and lonely
    scared and lonely


    I understand what you are saying.

    I should never have posted it, I am genuinely sorry. I feel ashamed now as it was a stupid thing to do.

    In my defence it was out of desperation and not anything more sinister than that.

    I hope to redeem myself over time.

  • Finkelstein

    I have lost all my association and am going to have to leave my family home.

    Why ? There is no legal enforcement to have you booted out ?

    Sorry for your unfortunate plight , I think your first endeavor should be to get another job.

    Second, move out and find your own living space.

    You can accomplish this by not being vocally opposing to JWS in your Hall , attend but keep within yourself your about to fade, you can keep this to yourself. Play the role as quiet unfocal doubter.

    You say you've been an elder , that would mean your at least in your 20's and 30's .

    Your an adult in other words.

    I have to admit some caution to all that I feel something is not right with this opening thread.

    New person comes to the web site and wham starts asking for money right off the bat.

    People should be cautious here. !!!!!

    Is this a scam ?

    Is this a deceiving way to find out who is on this site by putting money and information to this individual identifying themselves in the process ?

    These are concerning things in my opinion.

  • scared and lonely
    scared and lonely

    HI tornintwo

    That is good advice.

    They were kind at first but their attitude is becoming more exasperated and irritated now.

    I am so low that I can't them for any more meetings with them at the moment.

    I am frantically reading all the advice I can on this site. It has info that I wish I read months even years ago.

  • scared and lonely
    scared and lonely


    Please read my other posts in this thread.

    I promise it is not a scam and I want the link removed. I am genuinely sorry.

    To answer your points:

    1. If I get disassociated or disfellowshipped I will be told to leave the house ...legal or not.

    2. As I have said, my situation is too far down the road just to sit and fade. (I wish I had come here sooner)

    3. Yes I am an adult however even adults get scared. . I can't face staying in my home town. I will have to move away to a place where nobody knows me. For the first time in my life I will not have a network of friends or family, Being scared does not make me immature.

    Other than that, I understand your concern and am trying to remove the link.

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