I am leaving the JW's . I am alone and scared. Advice and help needed please

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  • Giordano

    S & L last answered 2 hours ago it is now 7 PM plus in GB. Dinner time, maybe a meeting or cleaning offices......... let's just move on and wait for a response.

    I did PM him a message when all hell broke out and I remembered that he posted that he's had a number of PM's and is in contact with a few people who PM him some close to where he lives. I hope we hear from some of them that they either know him or have mutual JW acquaintance's in common. Not any direct details.

  • WingCommander

    If this guy is legit, I'd honestly like to know what sent someone as reclusive and sheltered as him into "wake-up mode." Seriously!! Here he was an Elder, living in his parents basement, probably looking for Mrs. Future Elderette.

    What happened S&L? JW Broadcasting? UK WTHQ not being built fast enough? Multiple child sexual abuse cases against JW Elders hitting multiple news outlets in the UK? Total lack of love and/or constant feeling of "never being good enough?" Personal bible research? Stumbling (snicker) upon the UN NGO association and immediate 180 of said association? 2014 (100 years since 1914) come and went, and you finally wake up? Seeing pictures of the luxurious new WT HQ in Warwick?

    Really curious. Come out, come out, wherever you are? (sexually frustrated closeted homosexual, perhaps?) Honestly, some people mistake my sarcasm for being an asshole. That's not the case. I just lack tact. Poor impulse control.

  • 2+2=5

    I've been following this one. I'm not buying it.

    When I read experiences of ones waking and leaving, I usually feel for them. You can smell the JW in the way they express themselves, especially in regards to their doubts in doctrine. All I am getting here is a scent of bullshit.

  • freddo

    S&L said he'd PM'd three forum members.

    Well let's see if any of the three receivers of PM's gives us a heads up.

    I haven't received a pm as of yet ...

    The horses are running ...

  • talesin

    Agreed, Wing Commander. I did note that he took down the gofundme request (though it was too late to edit his comment) very soon into the thread. Like I said, why not let it go for now, and who knows?

    There is another thread showing JWS who are seeking funding for their "pioneer" retirement on gofundme. It's possible to be 30YO, a JW, and naive. Also possible, to freak the f*ck out, after having a lightbulb moment. Perhaps he thought that would be a legit way to ask for help? My other thought, is a plant from the so-called Apostate Army, to highlight some issue or other (I suspect a few posts of that, meant to prompt a response from this large community).

    Either way, the proof will be in the pudding; ie, future threads/posts. I think the point has been made, and sincere? Will be back. Troll? Will not.

  • jookbeard
    no PM to me either, I wont hold my breath
  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas
    For the record I wish to state that I have not asked S&L for any personal information and I have not received any PMs from him.
  • alcyone

    S & L,

    I have gone through all your posts and i think you still believe JWs are the truth, right? I have not seen you saying things like "the slave is not the God's channel", "WTS is a dangerous cult", "false prophet", criticism of the GB etc. which normally people that are about to leave the org express.

    In this case is it not better just to slow down if you have doubts, continue to research and keep your social ecosystem untouched?

  • tornapart

    There's been some great advice given on here by quite a few posters, however I feel very disturbed by the nastiness of some. I've seen it before, someone comes on here for help, advice, support and gets called a troll because they may have put things badly, usually because of stress, emotional upset or whatever. Being nasty is never going to help doubters who are dipping their toes into apostate-land. these ones need our help and support. When someone is waking up and especially if their whole life has been immersed into it, their whole family is in it, they have no friends outside of it... its a very scary place to be,

    As it happens I have a son living at home in his late 20's, he's an MS and the kindest most caring guy you could wish to meet but I'm worried about him 'spreading his wings' because he is 'naive'. Maybe he is a 'Man-child', if such a thing exists and not because of the way he's been brought up by us because his older brothers are totally different, it's just the way he is. Academically he is very bright but socially he's not. I imagine him coming here one day and getting that same reaction.

    I just hope S&L that you stay, read, join in if you feel you want. Learn who to trust and who you can't. There are many on here who will give you the help and support you need.

  • steve2

    We have had a handful of posters over the years who have raised the issue of funding - directly or indirectly - in their very first post.

    They have then reacted badly to other posters' expressed concerns/doubts, given all sorts of justifications, sworn never to seek funding again and promptly disappeared.

    The internet, by its very anonymous nature, is awash with people who will try anything to make a buck (and as we have seen, even bona fide JWs go online to seek funding for their "missionary" work).

    If scared and lonely is the real deal (i.e., exactly what he claims he is as a JW), he will understand other posters' reserve and distrust and he will continue to post..

    I doubt he will.

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