Would you take blood now that you are not a JW and why?

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  • Joyzabel

    I have a friend, xjw, who is having medical problems and no matter what I seem to say to her, I can tell she has not gotten over the issue of <gasp> NO BLOOD. Since the “no blood” stand was so ingrained in us as JWs (almost like THE unforgivable sin) my friend just can’t seem to let go of that thinking.

    I know I get too clinical at times, so I need some help with reasons why taking blood is or is not an issue for you anymore.

    This will help more than you realize since it is imperative that this person may need blood at times.

    Thanks everyone.


  • freedom96

    Several things come to mind when reading the above question.

    Yes, I would take the blood if I needed it, much as I would have even as a witness. I do not want to die, and if we can survive by taking the blood, I believe God would want us to do what we can to live.

    Second, the WTS allows all the different elements of blood, seperate, but not together. It is like me telling you that you cannot have a roast beef sandwhich, but allowing you to have bread, mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, roast beef, lettuce, etc all separate. You just cannot eat it all together. That just does not make sense.

    Thirdly, the WTS is dead wrong on so many different beliefs, I am not going to listen to one of the most radical ones and go by that and assume that this belief is accurate and correct.

    If God has a problem with me taking blood, I will answer up to him regarding it. All I would want to do is save my life. I would also want to save the life of my precious family.

  • Mulan

    I would. Because I don't think it's wrong, and it might save my life. If it were for a "tonic" to boost my blood, I probably would say "no".

    My daughter in law's father was a nurse, and he said we had much more to fear than AIDS from blood transfusions, and that hepatitis is by far the greater risk. So there is still that fear in me. But, it isn't wrong to take blood.

  • Scully

    Yes, I would. Not frivolously, mind you, but if my life or the life of one of my children was in peril, then yes, definitely.

    The WTS claims that blood symbolizes life. But since when did a symbol have more value than the thing it symbolizes?? Since when is a wedding ring of more value than the marriage it symbolizes?? If a thief gave a loving couple a choice between their wedding rings and their lives... it would be plain STUPID to not give up the rings, no matter how much they cost. They can always be replaced.

    The more recent issues I have with blood are those that involve "conscientious" decisions by individual JWs to accept fractions of blood. Basically, they can take every single component of blood, provided it is fractionated, but they cannot accept them as a combination of pre-fractionated components. That's just plain STUPID as well. It's like saying "You can't have apple pie, but it is ok to sit down with separate bowls of flour, shortening, salt, water, apples, cinnamon and sugar and eat them all separately." Give me a frikkin' piece of pie, damnit!!

    As far as any risk of contracting HIV or Hepatitis or anything else from blood transfusions, I also donate blood (in fact, I will be doing that tomorrow morning), and know that my own blood is safe for others. If I had ANY reservations about whether my blood was safe, I would NOT donate. In Canada, there is no "reward" (ie, monetary compensation) for donating blood, so I think that eliminates a lot of people who have a solely mercenary interest in donating blood. I'm also confident that the screening measures that have been implemented to check for HIV, Hepatitis, "mad cow" disease, etc. are effective and up-to-date. Just as there is risk in taking ANY type of treatment - people can have allergic reactions to something as simple as Tylenol - there is also risk in accepting blood transfusions. You just have to weigh the immediate risks and benefits against the long-term risks and benefits. I'd take another 15 years or so with Hepatitis or HIV, and see my children grow up and have children of their own, than miss out on graduations, weddings, and other happy occasions.

    Love, Scully

  • jst2laws
    " I can tell she has not gotten over the issue of <gasp> NO BLOOD"

    For any JW or XJW trying to do the scripturally right thing, it may be necessary to go back to the Bible to and re-examine the blood issue in order to get beyond this. The site below is excellent in showing the difference in the law given to Noah and the law given to Moses. If you feel it will take the authority of the scriptures to release you from this phobia then this reading is a must. http://pathways.morloc.com/yabbse/index.php?page=abstain_english If you would rather leap to the WT Society's terrible inadequacy in explaining and defending their Blood Policy, go to this site and read an elders two year long quest for answers. http://watchtower.observer.org/apps/pbcs.dll/article?Date=20020123&Category=JWANDMEDICINE2&ArtNo=201220009&Ref=AR JanH also has some good articles on the subject that can be found here by doing a search. Jst2laws

  • Scully

    Joy & Jst......

    Just curious..... don't you guys talk at home?? LOL

    Love, Scully

  • jst2laws


    The second link above does not work. To get there hit the link below then go to the right side of the page and click "Blood" under

    "JW's and Medicine", then go to the end of the page and click on the right side hot link more jw and medicine » blood >>

    then to the end of that page again to the last item and click on it, called:

    These letters will blow your mind!


    don't you guys talk at home??

    Yes!!!! Joy has gone out for a while with her daughter (isn't that wonderful) but I overheard one side of the phone conversation and started researching links. I have concern for her friend (she is real ) and just threw out some stuff that has changed my point of view on the subject. BTW, how are you doing, Scully? Jst2laws

  • blondie

    Yes, because of the allowance of blood fractions by the WTS, especially hemoglobin-based products made from stored blood.


  • riz

    I would absolutely have a blood transfusion. I like being alive.

  • Country_Woman

    I'am very much afraid for contaminated blood these days, so only when there is no other alternative - and not taking should cause death. CW

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