Would you take blood now that you are not a JW and why?

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  • Sam Beli
    Sam Beli

    “So what is it about blood that sticks in our minds? Why aren't we just as squeemish about organ transplants?”

    Joy: A blood transfusion IS an organ transplant; it is a fluid organ transplant as opposed to what is commonly thought of as an organ transplant, namely solid organ transplants such as kidney, heart, liver, etc. You know that, of course, just thought I’d mention it for the clarification of any new readers to this issue.

    Solid organ transplants are done out of the public eye, by surgeons in the operating theater of a hospital. Blood transplants are often administered by nurses (under physician’s orders) in a much more public way, right in the patients’ room, within eye sight of family, friends and visiting JWs. The hanging red bag is a very visible “testimony” to the blood transplantation. Solid organ transplantation is performed in a much more “sterile,” removed manner and the mental images are not nearly so striking. Perhaps if solid organs were seen as they were removed from the cadaver fewer solid organs would be transplanted. Removal of fluid organ material for transplantation is usually seen as benign.

    For me, unlearning the JW blood issue distortion was a long and painful process. An early step came from a physician telling me that transplantation was not equal to eating. That statement changed nothing at the time except that it haunted me for years afterward. To this day I wish I could find that doctor and thank him for giving me a start down the road to actuate thinking.

    DJ’s point from Matt 12 is one of the most powerful arguments from the scriptures that refute the JW blood position, IMHO. However, most JWs probably do not have the nerve to buck the boys from

    So, for me, the final breaking point had to come from the BB themselves. It was their word, looking so ridiculous, their lying right to my face, all the while being deceitful, it took all of that and still I was doubtful. But with my life on the line I mustered the courage to say yes to plasma, one of the four forbidden blood components, in order to save my life.

    I don’t know how to get a JW or former JW to change his/her mind on this issue short of facing death right in the eye. Having lying deceitful HLC members in the room doing their lying and deceit helps.

  • Joyzabel

    Thanks ((Sam))

    I know your experience was a frightful one to learn. Glad you made the right decision and continue to do so for your freedom.

    So is it the "what ifs" that maybe bothering xjws?

    To me, the FIRST thing I did when I learned the truth about the troof was tear up my blood card. I had had many doubts about the blood issue for quite some time, especially being in the medical field. I knew that making such a stand was a needless throwing away of life. But how to help another xjw understand that the blood issue is just some man-made rule, like sacrafising children to an idol, is beyond my means of reason.

    Thanks again everyone for your imput.


  • wednesday

    yes, if really necesary to save my life. otherwise the risks out weigh the benefits.With my last surgery , i signed ok to blood. But i knew there was no chance i'd need it. Both the doc and anthesologists informed me that they do not give give blood that much without a very good reason. They don't 'top off". If someone only needed a unit or 2, that is not a great need. In this respect, i think some good has come from bloodless medicine. It has made doctores aware that they do not have to always give blood.I would also take an organ transplant if i felt it would be surviveable.

  • drwtsn32

    Definitely would accept a blood transfusion. One of the first things my wife and I did when we left was throw those NO BLOOD cards away!

    The Society has really screwed themselves by making up all of these do's and dont's with blood. It was almost "better" when they simply had a flat out "no blood" rule. Now you can have any fraction as long as it's a fraction. Where the hell does the bible talk about fractions of blood?

  • Joyzabel

    BTW, welcome to the board, Drwtsn32.

    Nice to be free to think for yourself, huh!


  • caligirl

    I would take one without hesitation- and as someone else said in their post, any remaining qualms I might have had vanished when I became a mother, and to save my life, I probably would have taken it before that. When my son was born, I was still a fringe JW. I remember a conversation with my now ex in which we discussed taking blood and we both told the other that there was no question that we would want anything and everything medical science had to offer in order to save either of our lives or that of our child. No child deserves to live without a mother or a father if there are the means by which to save their lives, any more than a parent should have to live with the death of a child if that child's life could be saved. As witnesses, the way it is presented, we are led to believe that stringing up a blood transfusion is as routine as hooking up a saline IV if you even set foot in a hospital. All part of instilling fear and control.

  • Joyzabel

    "As witnesses, the way it is presented, we are led to believe that stringing up a blood transfusion is as routine as hooking up a saline IV if you even set foot in a hospital. All part of instilling fear and control"

    Good point, caligirl.

    <still pondering how to break that fear in some>


  • drwtsn32
    BTW, welcome to the board, Drwtsn32.

    Nice to be free to think for yourself, huh!

    Thanks... glad to be here. And yes, it is nice to think for myself. It's quite odd, actually... not having all the answers to every possible question... not being 100% arrogant about all of those answers... not trying to shove those answers down other people's throats.

    It's great actually being able to think about things logically and actually consider all possibilities. As a JW I would pretend to consider all the possibilities, but I would dismiss any answer that did not fit with the Society's teaching of the week.

  • mouthy

    I have no objection to taking blood -after all the scriptures tell us there is life in the blood. I wouldnt because at my age I want to "GO HOME" I believe I will see my kids again there & hopes of seeing my "ole man" .So no I wouldnt .but nothing to do with the WT teachings I have on my medical records "NO LIFE SAVING HELPS AT ALL>>>

  • Gerard
    There are examples, where opposing moralities clash when I would not be so hesitant. If a child was likely to die because its parents were Jehovah's Witnesses and were refusing a blood transfusion on religious grounds, I'd argue - as sensitively as possible - that the state should overrule that particular religious doctrine (oh, and tell the parents to get back to the Planet Quargon).


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