Simon's Forum Is More Than Just a Forum!

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  • Atlantis


    Simon's forum is much more than just a forum where we come to expose the Watchtower. It is a place that Simon wanted people to be able to come to, to receive help, support, or find a compassionate listener.

    This forum has exposed the Watchtower more times than any forum on the net. Ok, fine, but as the years pass us by we are all getting older, and find as age creeps up on us, that many things we used to be able to do, we just can't do anymore.

    Simon's forum is also a place where people can show empathy for others who may not be feeling so well.

    Did you know that Barbara Anderson has been dealing with health issues, and would love for you to send her a kind word?

    Did you know that Doug Mason is dealing with health issues and would love for you to send a kind word.

    Did you know that Nathan Natas is not in the best of health and a kind word would be appreciated. Nathan even encouraged me to get out and take a walk more often.

    Did you know that Blondie sometimes has issues and a kind word would do her a world of good.

    We are all just people and we have really done one hell of a job in exposing the Watchtower. But sometimes all of us are in need to.

    All of us need each other. Some people feel closer to members of this forum than they do their own flesh and blood that shun them.

    Please remember why there are very few "leaks" at this time. It is because the Watchtower is deathly afraid of you and the Internet. Several Elders from the "Underground" as we call it, have been caught and and have been disfellowshipped. Some have even lost their families due to this.

    Simon's board is like a home for many of us, and for providing this home for so many years we owe Simon a great deal of gratitude.

    Thanks Simon!

    Atlantis-From The Old Timers Class ( Yes Simon I'll buy the next round!)

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad are a gentleman & a scholar...a friend in more ways than one! Thank you for the these reminders & updates on our fellow forum members.

  • stillMS

    It's hard to say something meaningful to a person you haven't ever met or at least talked to - but anyway, you guys (and ladies :) ) are awesome in your stand for what is right, and for not becoming too bitter because of being misled and mistreated by the ones you trusted most.

    I feel sorry for those who suffered because of providing the 'jwleaks' - but who knows, maybe it will eventually turn for the better.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    ...I wouldn't have the peace of mind I have today in my anti-JW status if it weren't for the likes of such awesome personalities as Barbara Anderson, Doug Mason, Nathan Natas, Blondie, Elders from the underground, Simon and numerous others...Thank you all and wish you better days (health-wise) ahead!

  • Atlantis

    JW GoneBad:

    Thank you my friend, and we hope you are in good health. Yes, I like those words: "better days"!


    Your comments are most appreciated, and I like your glasses and they look good on you too! Wishing you good health!


  • LoveUniHateExams

    This place is a great place.

    It serves as a refuge for oppressed and doubting JWs, and can help in the healing process.

    It can help give advice to lots of different people, and can help people develop a network of genuine friends.

    Everyone is allowed a say here - this place holds freedom of speech in high regard. My own country (UK) can learn a thing or two from this place.

    Following on from the last point, this place has excellent threads debating politics and current affairs. It's better than Newsnight or Question Time.

    In the main, Simon & his team of moderators do an excellent job.

    Having said all that, let's keep our feet on the ground.

    This place is just a forum, albeit a very good one.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Sometimes we can overlook and take for granted the ''leaks'' that some elders and bethelites provide. And others who ''leak'' stuff also. I feel deeply indebted, to the poor guys who have been caught and disfellowshipped and then shunned.

    Just a 'shout' out to the above names in acknowledgement, who Atlantis mentioned. Just to name a few.

    Again to the individuals who 'leak' things, we love you all very, very much. We are deeply in your debt.

  • Atlantis


    Very well said! Appreciate your opinions and insight!

    Beth Sarim:

    So true! Thank you for your understanding and kindness.


  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Amen, Atlantis.

    May mutual respect and human empathy for fellow members be shown even more so in 2019 - and let lurkers and PIMO's see that there are genuine and sincere people here.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath


    " Simon & his team of moderators do an exce"

    team ?

    would they care to introduce themselves ?

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