Simon's Forum Is More Than Just a Forum!

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  • Atlantis

    Simon......and all of you......You just made my day!

    Simon's!......and we are all......FAMILY!

    Ok, Ok it's my turn to wash the dirty dishes.


  • Listener

    Thanks Atlantis for starting this thread and at such an appropriate time as a New Year dawns on us.

    Its sad to hear that a number of members here are in poor health and I wish them all the strength to endure.

    It's also sad to hear the price that Watchtower leakers have had to pay. Most of us can relate to this but we are winning the battle.

    It is so good to read those words Atlantis, that the Watchtower is deathly afraid. The Internet has been wonderful in exposing the organization and as you correctly point out, each of those individuals who have worked so hard, using the Internet and other means, are real people with their own stories to tell. I thank them all, for their time, their resources and mostly for the concern that they show their fellow man who are caught in an ugly cult.

  • Atlantis


    Thank you for your kind words of compassion. We should want to offer JW's a place to come to, where they can get what they are NOT getting in the Watchtower organization.

    We should want to sit with them with a cup of coffee and hear what they have to say, and offer them the right to use their own mind, their own opinions, and their own way of thinking instead of the robot program they are used to.

    The Watchtower organization is fading away, we don't want JW's to fade away with it because some of these JW's are our relatives. Our flesh and blood who we still love no matter how badly they have shunned us.

    My own sister has not contacted me in 20 years. If she were to knock on my door tomorrow and say that she left the Watchtower, I would simply say: Wonderful....give me a hug, come in and lets have some coffee!


  • HiddlesWife

    Yes! This forum has helped me and my other family members (who were once PIMI and now POMO) to really wake up, get to know TTATT and become free! Thanks Simon!!!

  • caves


    Yes, thank you Simon! When I posted a few months ago about my son your words of support meant the world to me. I will never forget it!

    Thank you for the Covid-19 Thread! Its been very informative and needed.


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