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  • Atlantis

    The Fall Guy:

    Amen to that old friend! And we wish you well for 2019 and many years after that. ( And save me a sip of that Tomatin!)


    Yes, and I know they appreciate your compliment! Have a wonderful 2019!


  • LV101

    Atlantis -- thank you so much for the update of our fellow members and what they're enduring -- it's difficult to deal with health issues and realize how fast our days escape us as we hang on. It's sad to think many of us are in the winter season of our lives and yet we owe so much to those who've helped us escape the WT horror.

    None of us can thank Simon enough - he's been in it for the long haul, fortunately.

    Keep care and thank you for your kindness.

  • Atlantis


    Many thanks for your words of kindness and compassion. You are truly an inspiration!


  • Charles Gillette
    Charles Gillette

    Hi! Atlantis,Thanks for posting this information about some of our dear ones here.

    I started posting here in 2002, as Blueblades. I miss all the other old time posters,some have moved on others have died.

    When Simon made improvements on this site, I lost my password and could not sign in as Blueblades. I asked Simon to help me get back on as Blueblades, so far I have not heard back from him.

    I have used other names such as Darwin,Mall Cop and my real name which I use now.

    A little information.I lived in Brooklyn close to the headquarter of the Watchtower. I was close to a number of anointed and governing body member back then. I served in a number of positions also as a slave for 33 years. 1969 to 2002.

    Recently, I had open heart surgery and was given a Bovine aortic valve, then a loop recorder and four months ago a Pacemaker.

    I am now 73 years old doing ok as long as I keep taking my meds .My wife and I just celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. We have two sons and three grandsons.

    Thank You for all your topics you have posted. I read them all, however I don't always respond to topics that I read by so many members here.

    Take good care of yourself as we are all growing old, where as the time gone. I thought we would be on a paradise earth with our families by now. Oh well,we never did get to have that "CARROT" that ensnared millions of us back in the day.


  • Finkelstein

    Yes Simon and all the long time contributors deserve a loving pat on the back.

    This one Web Site alone has probably helped thousands over its 14 year or so lifespan.

    HUGATREE WE'RE NOT WORTHY! Garth Algar mammal vertebrate photo caption

  • wannaexit

    Thanks Atlantis for the kind reminder. Sometimes we do tend to forget of all the good people on this board and for Simon that has provided this venue.

    I came here in 2002, I didn't post much but a read every many many posts and threads. It was a life saver for me at the very beginning of my journey out. I miss the old posters very much.

  • wannaexit

    started posting here in 2002, as Blueblades.

    I remember you Blueblades and enjoyed your posts. Glad you are still here.

  • LV101

    Atlantis -- YOU are too kind and considerate -- the world could have you teach lessons! Doubt it'd help -- humanoids need a heart, eh!

  • zeb

    In no order;

    Blondie, Jgnat, Doug Mason,Simon,Barbara,Alexandra James (JW Victims) Long haired gal, that guy with the Koala ,and Amelia and the many who have trusted me via pm with their situation I extend my utmost thanks. This is not to say thanks -goodbye but to acknowledge the warmth the very real kindness and trust of these folk and indeed many others who might have replied just once, twice to say; 'well done'.

    This site is a rose garden grown out of a despair.

    Live long prosper in wisdom and health

  • Atlantis

    Charles Gillette:

    No matter what name you use your posts are most appreciated and admired. Keep em coming!


    Yes, this forum has helped thousands and you are part of the solution! Many thanks!


    Your contributions have always shown an excellent flair. We appreciate it!


    As long as you are teaching the lessons we can't lose! Many thanks!


    Zeb has been here a good while and knows when friends are missing. That takes an alert person who cares. Thanks zeb!

    Atlantis! ( Petra, if your reading this post in Holland, could you bring back some of those Cheese Chocolates? The whole crew here wants some! )

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