How to sue the WT over shunning policy. It CAN happen!

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  • Bad_Wolf

    This is a very good document from a law school exploring religious freedom vs an individuals right to religious freedom without blackmail, pressure, etc, and also explores why certain lawsuits did not win and what it would take to win them.

    A person born in, and whose parents or family pressured to shun because they simply left the religion, who has evidence of damages, etc, would likely have a good case if they find a good lawyer.

  • ToesUp

    I have always told my spouse that I believe the shunning will become a legal issue for WT. Let's hope so. It is the most manipulative and bullying tactic that a "loving" organization can use on others. Blackmail!!

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Can the law force me to associate/talk to someone whom I don't like/despise? The org simply has to say that shunning is down to individual choice and is a "conscience matter."

    Law courts avoid adjudicating on how religions deal with teachings and discipline.

    I'd love to see it, but have serious doubts we'll see it happen any time soon.

  • Bad_Wolf

    Monday, Jan 14th text

    "Despite our pain of heart, we must avoid normal contact with a disfellowshipped family member by telephone, text messages, letters, emails, or social media." .... Jesus said if we were to put any human before him we would be unworthy of him. "

    And if you go to, for their FAQ, it clearly says that if one leaves the religion, normal family interactions remain. Which is an absolute 180 from what you see above.

    I think WT has long overstepped freedom of religion protections, and is ripe for lawsuits with their printed instructions to members.

    You said The Fall Guy that they only need to say it's down to conscience matter. Well, that above article/quote it showing how those who on their personal choice have decided to still talk to family, are being told they are not allowed to, or Jesus will hate them lol. AND it's telling existing members if they leave, that they will instruct their family to not talk to them at all either, so better stay, or won't even get an email from your family.

  • eyeuse2badub

    I just posted this real life experience! I hope more will follow suit!


  • dubstepped

    I not only don't see this becoming a matter of successful lawsuits I'm not sure I want the government getting that involved in my life. The only way I can see winning money would be if there were monetary losses, and that's a tough one to prove. People can do business with whom they choose. I hate shunning, but I don't see how it becomes a matter of law. I read through much of that on break and still don't see much there.

    Even if something came of it they'd just weasel their way around it like they always do.

  • Finkelstein

    would likely have a good case if they find a good lawyer.

    I always thought so myself, based from an individual's freedom of choice without hatred and prejudice constitutional doctrine.

    When a religion rigidly enforces regulation involving judgement and persecution to its adherent followers to abandon their family members if they aren't willing to participate in a established religion, is instigating hatred and prejudice toward the volunteer non-participate..

  • steve2

    Please check out what has already happened as regards taking the organization to Court over its shunning policy.

    Does someone know the link for the recent Canadian case in which a former JW took the organization to court over the very issue of shunning and lost. The Court decided in favour of the organization and JW org trumpeted the result in its website under legal cases.

  • Bad_Wolf

    @steve2 - like all other cases, that canadian one was a very weak case. It was a realtor who lost his 'clients' because his clients were jws. So the candian court said they are free to shun him, etc.

    Have yet to see one on a person who is born in, who then has their parents and or children shun them, and not because they CHOOSE TO, but because the WT tells them they can't even text, email, or social media, because if they do, then jesus will hate them and kill them in armageddon.

    As for damages, emotional distress, punitive, etc.

    Also what I think adds more to a potential is how the WT advertises on it's FAQ, if a family member leaves, normal family relations continue. But then you see in their printed articles, don't even email or text a dfed family member.

    But all these lost lawsuits, have been very weak. A person who converts as an adult, and losses their friends or clients. Much different than a born in who loses parents, never had much of a choice, or parent losses kids, etc. I only see weak lawsuits, not that they can still do these things without punishment.

  • Finkelstein

    That's true Steve2 but that was relating to shunning and the subsequent loss of business revenue suffered by the complainant.

    I think it would have much more emotional and personal impact in court if the situation was focused more upon hatred and prejudice and the emotional trauma that results from personal family relationship abandonment.

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