What does it feel like?

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  • Dansk

    Hi Ozzie,

    Since their kidnapping, there's been a deafening silence, and it hurts.

    Had their parents done anything 'wrong'? No, except that they chose to simply not associoate any more and after much Bible study and soul searching started attending a church.

    Actually, I'm glad you posted about your feelings, because I still can't shake mine off, either! Of course, mine and that of my missus has been only three months. We haven't even attended a church - don't wish to - and we know it is sheer emotional blackmail. It doesn't help when people post that "it could take years" before one's family come round to the errors of the Watchtower. YEARS!! <*"%!**&! hell (that's another thing, I never used to swear until this happened!).

    I wake up every morning thinking of my two girls. I go to bed thinking the same thing. Last week an exJW whose wife still attends meetings told me that my older daughter's husband was appointed a ministerial servant. That means it's likely we won't hear from her for even longer. Her husband is obviously going to be "worthy" of his appointment and keep us at a good distance. I now dislike the guy immensely - and yet I know it's not his fault. It's just that one continually hopes that he would have the balls to ask why two previously dedicated JWs could, along with their two equally dedicated sons, just throw it all away!

    Like you, Ozzie, I'm in pain. I was about to say your situation is worse - but ALL such situations defy belief! I've never hated anything so much in all my life! It's made me angry, bitter, resentful, fed up and vengeful. I told my wife the other day that the planes that hit the twin towers should have hit Watchtower at Brooklyn! Obviously, I don't mean it - and I wouldn't want innocents to die - but the situation makes one hate everything about Watchtower.

    When I think clearly I can be eloquent. When I don't think clearly I think the biggest crap going!! I know YOU and others like us can TRULY appreciate what I'm saying. I was told that it takes at least six months before one truly chills out from the indoctrination. The painful memories, I was informed, are still there but one can handle them better. I guess you're having a bad day and I'm TRULY sorry, mate!

    I've got a lump in my throat so I'd best end this!



  • Latte

    (((((Mrs & Mr Ozzie))))

    I really feel for you. I hope so much that your pain will lessen somehow.

    Hugs to you both.

    Words for the Wachtower society....fail me.


    (((Mr. & Mrs. Ozzie)))

    I can't imagine this pain that you two must endure 24/ 7.

    I'm up for adoption anytime.....if you don't mind a 40 yr. old Canuck with a funny accent, then I'm yours.

    But seriously, not to make light of this matter, it stiffles me that the WTBTS cannot see (or maybe they do) the damage they inflict upon families.

    Loving? hardly.

    How I wish things were totally different for you both. Wishing and hoping for the both of you.

  • Undecided

    I can remember back when I was having a bible study with this couple and the wife's sister worked for the same company I did, but in a different department. She hated JWs. It caused a bad relationship between them and I felt no compassion at all for her, she was just trash in my view, another worldy person. The borg can really close your heart. It's amazing how much better my relationship with my brother is after we both left the "Trurth". You cannot be in touch with your inner self as a JW, it's all controlled by the propaganda of the borg.

    Ken P.

  • expatbrit

    Delenda est Watchtower.


  • outnfree

    Darn it, Expat! I had to get out the 1,000 lb. dictionary with foreign terms to figure out what the heck "delenda" meant! (Although now that I know, I couldn't agree more!)

    ((((((((Ozzie and Mrs. Ozzie)))))))))) I cannot even imagine your great pain. You have my sincere sympathy and a resolve to dissuade as many as opportunity presents from ever listening to those WT cretins!

    Oh, how I hate what shunning has wrought!


  • Joyzabel

    ((((((((((Ozziepost & Mrs. Ozziepost))))))))))

    I agree that it is worse than grief. It is a never ending h*ll hole that you tumble down & down.

    Please remember the nice things about your kids and the happy times, sometimes that's all we have.

    Big sloppy wet-eyed hugs & kisses to you two.


  • jst2laws

    Dear Ozzies,

    As others have expressed, there is hope this will change. But meanwhile there is pain and the aching sense of permanent loss.

    We have only been DF'd about three months now. Two months ago my daughter-in-law happen to drive by my job site. I spontaneously waved. She seemed to turn her head as if to not even notice me. Yet last month, when the witness friends failed them, she and her husband (my oldest son) welcomed the family's help in moving them into a new home. It was like old times until the job was done and she had to face the reality that a pack of DF'd people were in her new home.

    Rather than make her uncomfortable we said our good by's and again assumed our place as outcasts. Since then we have sent them gifts which were graciously accepted. We have to believe this will change them some day. We will go one being good people, pouring love on them while respecting their conscientious decision to not speak to us unless it is family business.

    You seem to have it worse than Joy and I, but you are obviously good people and you have to believe that someday your children will recognize this, again. Meanwhile our sympathy is with you both.


  • DanTheMan

    Funny how the dub defenders on this board never post on threads like this one.

    How the hell do you defend an organization that is directly responsible for situations like this?

    The Watchtower's day is gonna come.

  • Sadie5

    (((Mr.and Mrs. Ozzie))) praying that things change for you.


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