What does it feel like?

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  • ozziepost

    Today's a bad day for me. Usually I'm the pillar of strength to Mrs Ozzie who sheds a tear for her kidnapped children each day. But not today.

    It's been more than a year since the Borg sent a henchman with a word from Bethel to tell us they'd "got our kids". All of them loyal to the Borg to the end, well till today at least. So no talking, no nothin'. Previously there wasn't a day when we didn't all speak together. We knew "the inclinations of the heart"...but that was then. Since their kidnapping, there's been a deafening silence, and it hurts.

    Had their parents done anything 'wrong'? No, except that they chose to simply not associoate any more and after much Bible study and soul searching started attending a church.

    Grief is terrible to bear, but this is worse than grief. There's no 'body' to say goodbye to for they're still living! The pain in the chest is almost unbearable.

    That's the reality of life in and away from the Borg. The WTS claim on their website that they don't break up families. Like hell they don't! The liars!

    Ozzie (of the cheerless class)

  • manon

    Ozzie & Mrs Ozzie

    If there is something that the WTBTS is definitely guilty of it is the fostering of division of family. Families always suffer riffs from the dynamics of each individual member within the structure but when an outside influence encourages disunion it's so detrimental to the family unit and to our society as a whole.

  • StinkyPantz

    Don't really know what to say, but here ya go: (((((((((Mr. & Mrs. Ozzie)))))))))

  • Prisca

    ((((((((((Ozzie & Mrs Ozzie)))))))))))

    much love and hugs from your "adopted" daughter

  • Jesika

    ((((((((((((((((Ozzie and Mrs. Ozzie)))))))))))))))

    I know how you feel. A long time ago, my father and I were close, and due to abuse issues, were'nt anymore.

    He told me not more that a yr ago, he wanted to rekindle that relationship we once had.................I have heard nothing from him in a LONG time.

    My heart aches everytime I see my son, my son did nothing to be ignored by my father and my father's family.

    I am sorry you are having a hard time right now. At times it really gets to me too, but I tell myself I can't change them, so I have to "turn the other cheek".

    I wish for you and your family, what I wish for mine and many others, that they will one day see the real "light" and I will welcome that.

    The WTS does, without a doubt, tear families apart, but they always point the finger at us and say it is us tearing our families apart.

    I am sending love, strength, and compassion to you and your wife!!

    Love always,


  • Simon

    ((((( Ozzies )))))

    Don't give up hope. I didn't have proper contact with my father for many, many years until I came to my senses.

    Times change, people change and hopefully will wake up and smell the coffe. The pain in the meantime can be hard to cope with and precious time is lost together but don't give up hope.

  • Englishman


    It will change, Mate, really.

    It may take years, but something will spark off start of their departure eventually. It could be something as simple as an elder being thoughtless and their sudden realisation that their own father would have been much kinder in dealing with a situation.

    I know that the inclination is to chase after them with every bit of new news about WT misdealings. It takes real grit to just leave them be knowing that every time you try to contact them the old WT imprinting will kick in and stiffen their resolve.

    Kindest regards to you and Mrs Ozzie,



    OZZIE and MRS OZZIE. i feel so sad for you both. i remember your united family and how happy your kids were. you guys are great people and you are fantastic parents. your kids will be missing you too, how could they not. they can not go a day without thinking of you, i'm sure of it. but i guess that's of little comfort at this time. just keep believing in yourselves and your kids, love believes ALL things.

    we had such a wonderful time with you over the easter weekend and wish we could spend more time with you. you are very dear to us and hope that these few words that express our love for you both may help at this time. while there is life there is hope................keep that cheeky grin ok.

    we love ya mr and mrs ozzie..................big hug to you both. and if you ever need that shiraz..................just knock.

    cheers, bliss.

  • Angharad

    ((((((Ozzie & Mrs Ozzie)))))))

    Hang in there, and never give up hope.

  • LittleToe

    I feel for you, Ozzie. Matt.19:29 has been a partial comfort, for me, along with the adage:
    "While there's breath, there's hope!"

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and Mrs.Ozzie, and for your children.

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