Some dreams are too weird

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  • Brummie

    Worst dream I had (apart from armageddon ones) was when I stood up walked away from the sofa and when I looked back I could still see me sleeping on the sofa, that was shooooo weird. So then I go up to me and grab me by the arm to wake me up, I could feel my arm as a seperate being....I woke up in a real sweat, totally freaked out. Whats your worst freakyish dream?

    Best dream, I run down a hill, pick up my feet and fly saying byeeeeeeeeeee to all those behind me as I soar off into the sunset. too kewl.

    Thats all past, I tend not to dream so much now.


  • bittersweet

    I have crazy dreams all the time. Last night I dreamt I was falling ( like Alice in Wonderland ), and at first I was scared, and then I just went with it. As I was falling, I kept seeing groups of starange things, like angels and jig-saw puzzle pieces.

    One of the freakiest dreams I had was on a night my husband and I stayed at a bread and breakest. I dreamt that I was lying on the bed and my husband was lying on the bed next to me( but he was on top of the covers instead of under ). This was exactly how we had fallen asleep for real that night. I felt a prescence beside me, but I told myself it was nothing, that I was being silly, so I didn't open my eyes to look and see if someone was really there.Next thing I know, a figure comes up beside me and pulls the covers over my head, and holds the covers so I realise that soon I will suffocate because I am being smothered and I can't breathe. So try to call out to my husband, but I can't get the words out of my mouth. I finally wake up. I can tell you that after I woke from this dream I could not get back to sleep. I stayed awake til 5 in the morning, watching every corner of the room making sure no one was really there! My husband teased me that maybe it wasn't a dream and that the place was haunted ( the bed and breakfast was a remodeled belfry ). It scared the heck out of me I can tell you!!Kind of ruined a nice night away from the kids!

  • Aztec

    Hey Brummie, I have weird dreams too. Lately I've been dreaming that I'm a spy. Not quite sure what that means...Strangest dream as a child was of Godzilla. I used to dream that he was coming to get me. Okay so I'm really weird. ~Aztec

  • Surreptitious

    Last night I dreamed I was a salad.

    Tossed all night.

  • Aztec

    Surreptitious, you nut! :p I've missed you! ~Aztec

  • Shakita

    Weird that you should bring that up this morning....I had a dream about one of the posters here on the board. As with most of the dreams I remember the next morning, it is very spotty. But, I definitely remember the name of this poster being in my dream as being associated with some faceless person. I think I have been spending too much time here............

    Mrs. Shakita

  • Sentinel

    Brummie, you always think of such neat threads.

    I have had some really unusual dreams myself. One that I recall, from when I left the JW's is that I would come upon this large and empty house. A house with many rooms and many doors. As I moved about the house, it was as if I was searching for something. Some doors were locked. Some rooms were scary and haunting, dark and full of visions. Other rooms were airy, bright and set up like a child's playroom, where I felt cherished and loved. I never really found what I was looking for inside the dream. And, this dream actually became disturbing, because I dreamed it so much over a long period of time.

    Actually, I believe what it meant was that I was free to search every nook and crany of my world (my heart, my soul) and that so much was scary and unfamiliar because I'd not been allowed to roam so freely before. Yet, it was my house, my spiritual journey, and now I could go anywhere I wanted. My life was opening up and in my search to find myself, it was like the house with many doors (choices) and many rooms (people/places) and many eventualities, which were determined by "where I went". The house was really my "self", free at last to find purpose and direction. Once I began on my new journey wholeheartedly, those dreams stopped.

  • Ravyn

    I had a series of three dreams all connected the second year I left JWs that still disturb me.

    In the first one I am at some kind of 'dig site' in a red desert-looking place and the archaeologist shows me a curved block from the center top of an arched gate with the word 'roathdvoris' carved in it by an angled stylus or wedged chisel in lower case english letters. In my dream I knew what it meant. I turned to my husband behind me and excitedly said "I KNOW that word!!" But when I woke up I didn't know it anymore. I have searched every major language/linguistic group and cannot find this word. I got the feeling it was a compound of 'roathd' and 'voris' and may even be a combination of more than one language.

    A second dream about 3 months later, I had an argument with my then room-mate about JWs(he was not one and in the dream he was sticking up for them.) So I left and started driving(which I do not do in waking life) on a familliar highway and taking in the scenery, and I get to one intersection and glance to my right and see an old abandonned grammar school with "YAHWEH" over the door-(like the words "GIRLS" and "BOYS" carved over separate doors like in my Mother's time,) in which the letters rearranged while I looked at them and spelled "YOU KNEW". I continued to drive passed the school and could see a large intersection in the distance where I could turn around and go back to our house--which I decided to do at that point. But I experienced a certain liberation and made a decision to 'go back' home but with a different attitude. I was still against JWs, but I figured he just did not really know what he was talking about.The dream was totally anachronisitic in that the room mate situation happened in waking life after I left JWs, he never would have argued with me about them, and the road I was driving on happened to be a place I lived years and years earlier before I ever thought about leaving JWs or meeting my room mate. And the house we lived in was something that was totally new and unfamilliar except in the dream.

    The third dream was in a college bookstore about to close for the Summer where I lost a book called 'The Road To Freedom' --I had it in my hand but I laid it down on a stool just as my husband went to sit down and it disappeared. And some Japanese lady offered to write out a check to order me a new one but I refused and said that my husband and I would find it. And on the order form I noticed that the title of the book was spelled wrong--it said 'The Road To Frredom' and I thought 'uh oh typo!' and at that moment it hit me that the word from the first dream might be spelled wrong.....(I realized this while dreaming the last dream, so it made all three dreams fit together somehow.)


  • caligirl

    It is amazing what our subconscious can create isn't it? I know I have had some wacky ones lately, but they say that is normal for being pregnant. The worst were the ones about the rattlesnakes that were coming after me. The strangest was the other night I had a dream that Mr. Rogers was my doctor and he prescribed sushi to make me feel better, right down to showing me the RX with a restaurant written on it and what he thought was the best to order there. (I am really missing not being able to eat sushi right now and my sister had called me that day to tell me that she was having sushi for lunch, which probably triggered the dream.)

  • Ravyn

    well Cali--if MR. ROGERS said sushi was Ok...then it must be OK! (he was pretty smart when he was alive---he must know everything now!)

    LOL what do japanese women do when they are pregnant?


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