Subliminal images - why and who are the individuals behind it?

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  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Occult images and symbols are quite profuse in movies, advertising and especially music videos. It is a way for the producing organization to "signify" to "those in the know" that they are supportive of and a part of The World and where it is headed: New World Order.

    A principal characteristic of all such organizations is the Love of Money. It is not possible to serve two masters. The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is today still a sect of Roman Christendom. It has, in fact, never gotten out of Roman Christendom. Their deceptions have fooled a great many people.

    The WTBorg Cult has little to do with the Really Good News of The Word.

  • cofty
    The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is today still a sect of Roman Christendom - Old Navy

    That is a very strange statement. Surely the WT traces its roots to the 19th century Protestant Adventist movement.

  • UnshackleTheChains
    The letter is addressed "To whom it may concern," 21 February 1992:


    "At first glance the illustrations [Watch Tower 'commercial art images depicting religious scenes'] I examined appeared quite normal, but after closer examination, it became apparent that there are many images and symbols integrated into the scenes. Upon further investigation of the illustrations, I noticed a consistent motif and repeatability of these same symbols in every illustration I studied. Some of the symbols and images are so obvious they interrupt the normal flow of lines, shape, and form of the artwork. It is quite apparent the illustrators would use highlights and shadows in the scenes to conceal the symbols in such a manner that they are not clearly distinguishable. However, armed with the knowledge that the symbols may be present, it becomes quite easy to distinguish and isolate these images from the given illustration
    "In conclusion, it is my professional opinion that these figures are present in the illustrations, not by coincidence, but by clear conscious efforts by the originators of the artwork."
    Michael Graves

    Thanks complex compound.

    I think this letter sums it up. There are some very strange and consistent images in the literature that can be seen on close inspection., Such as goats heads, skull faces/ skulls, demonic looking figures etc

    The one that got me was the cloud in the book ' knowledge that leads to everlasting life. I don't have the book any more otherwise I could have uploaded a picture. It is about half way through the book. If you fold the page inwards, it clearly shows a scary skull face. There is no question.

    I remember the shock on my wife's face at the time. She is JW through and through and asked me not to show her things like that and walked out of the room.

    I agree there are some images that are a stretch of the imagination, but there are definitely some strange obvious ones that stand out.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    You're welcome, UnshackleTheChains.

    Of course, I thank you for this thread and the above, your latest post. Have you seen this page before, regarding the Revelation Climax book?

  • compound complex
  • compound complex
    compound complex

    In the illustration from the previous post -- click on link for page 12 -- note both the claw (circled) as well as Jesus' hand, which wields the scepter.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    HappyGuy (from page 11, of the above):

    • An artist who owns a company which sells high quality paint and air brushes posted his story on Barbara Anderson's site. He used to be a JW and he donated some of his patented air brushes and paints to the WTBTS and gave them some free consulting so that he could teach the art department how to use his products and also he was to look at the art department's processes and make recommendations on how to improve things.

      His report was that the art department is filled with people who are incompetent, pig headed, dishonest, and put having their egos massaged above producing quality work. He stated that none of the department heads were qualified to do their jobs and they should immediately be fired.

      His report was scathing to say the least. I put the "claw" hand in the above picture down to incompetent amateurs trying to depict motion but not knowing how to do it and managers with huge egos refusing to admit that something was done incorrectly.

      Oh, and this artist left the JW religion after seeing first hand what really goes on at Bethel.

      Here is the link to his story.

  • OrphanCrow
    Unshackle: I agree there are some images that are a stretch of the imagination, but there are definitely some strange obvious ones that stand out.

    You are right. Some of the images are deliberate and some are unintentional.

    This is a particularity divisive topic with some people taking an adamant side of "you are crazy" and "subliminal imaging is bunk/conspiracy theory" and "it is just in your head".

    The part about it being in your head is absolutely true - everybody processes information in their brain and not everybody processes it the same. Not everybody sees the same.

    What is noteworthy, though, when determining which side you will fall on, is that those who do say that the subliminal imaging is deliberate, and done intentionally, are professional artists.

    I have responded to this claim on previous threads a couple of times, and....because I am an artist ( I used to teach university studio classes), I can confidentially say that there are subliminal images deliberately inserted into WT images. And, coincidentally, every single artist friend, that I have shown these images to, agrees. And these are not friends who just sit around painting flowers in their spare time - they are professional artists

    An artist can tell whether the art making process was consistent, and where it was not consistent, and an artist usually knows if the one doing the piece meant to put it in or not. That is why they are artists - that is why they make art - they are good at perceiving things like that.

    So, when it comes to determining what you will believe about subliminal images in WT literature - who are you going to believe? Artists like Compound Complex, myself, and other artists? Or people who just want to look up terms in Wiki and base their understanding of what is happening in an image on that explanation?

    So. You decide. I already have.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thank you, OrphanCrow:

    I, who am rarely speechless, am now, while I ponder what you have so beautifully and cogently expressed.

    Blessings and Peace, fellow artist.


  • OrphanCrow
    Incognito: With regard to images in other publications, what other publications are these types of hidden images consistently observed?

    This is a good question.

    I have spent quite a bit of time looking for evidence to support the "it's just pareidolia" theory in other religious literature. If it is that common, then the phenomena should appear readily in lots of other illustrations as well. I have never found any. None. Not in any of the religious images produced by "other" religions.

    I can find lots of examples in advertising material. But not in images produced by religions that distribute similar literature to the org. No scary faces or otherwise in Bible books for children. Nothing like that.

    *back at ya, CC

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