Subliminal images - why and who are the individuals behind it?

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  • fulano

    Orphan, beside the word enemy, I see a strange double face.

  • OrphanCrow
    Londo: Is it me or is that man's hand awfully close to that boy's...

    I thought so too. Did you notice the shadowy letters above the boy's "enemy" nametag? They spell "sex" backwards.

    *edit to add - "Orphan, beside the word enemy, I see a strange double face" that the "x"?

    Who would be in charge of that? Would the Governing Body know? Do they give instructions that comes down to the art department? Are these instructions written? Why hasn't these instructions, verbal or written, leaked? Why hasn't anyone who carried out these instructions come forward?

    I dunno...all good questions. When are the subliminals inserted (because they are there), by whom, and why?

  • fulano

    You are right Orphan, it is everywhere, look at the boys neck, under his chin.

  • fulano

    It is 18 years ago now that I worked temporary at Patterson and once I invited a french friend of my, a painter, artist from Brooklyn. So we had lunch and got to know a couple of guys from the art department, a bunch of looners, I tell you. Now thinking back of my time there, it was almost sinister, a very negative Place Patterson.

  • sparrowdown

    Wow, that pic from the 91 awake, when the photo is enlarged, the man is actually grabbing the boys jeans between his thumb and forefinger - very strange, why would an art director direct that.

  • fulano

    OC, did you see the picture of the guy? Unbelievable..a clear ugly face looking at you. I don't know how to put a picture here but it is awful.

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